Mike Tyson

The upcoming Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. eight-round exhibition boxing match on September 12 is one many in the combat sports world will be watching.

After all, it’s a chance for the younger generation to experience the rush of watching a Tyson fight, albeit with him at the age of 54.

However, “Iron Mike” is in top shape and will be facing a fellow legend in former heavyweight champion Jones, who most recently competed in 2018. Given that Tyson, three years the senior of Jones, last fought all the way back in 2005, many feel this is a fight that will end up going the latter’s way.

Not former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, though. He believes Tyson can drop anyone at his age and just cannot see Jones evading him for the full eight rounds.

“I’ve studied them so much,” Woodley said on Mike Swick’s podcast. “I’ve watched so many films, so many fights with both of them. I think if Mike Tyson touches anybody, they’re going down no matter how old he is. I just don’t see him not touching Roy at some point in the fight.”

Given that the only way the fight can end is with a finish, that bodes well for Tyson who has long been known for his deadly knockout power.

So much so that Woodley — who is known for his own knockout power — wouldn’t even dare to receive one even with Tyson being 54.

“I don’t want to take one,” Woodley added of Tyson’s punches. “No college prank on Earth is worth dying. It’s a punch that the most terrible pedophile criminals on Earth should have to stay there and let Mike Tyson punch them one time. If they go, they go — that’s how serious his punch is. I agree with you for the exact same reason — the life-changing power that Tyson has.

“He [Jones] could try and gas out Tyson but I don’t see him being in that much better shape either, you know?”

Whatever happens, it promises to be a monumental affair.

You can watch the full podcast below:

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