Editorial Ethics and Guidelines


The Body Lock sells advertisement spaces on our posts and pages; advertisers are our primary source of revenue.

Our content may contain marketing links. The Body Lock is entitled to receive a commission for purchases that are made via those links. Our authors are not influenced by affiliate partnerships, as site owners handle the entire revenue optimization process.

The Body Lock sometimes partners with companies to provide sponsored content. These posts are clearly labeled as “sponsored,” and all content ideas and the content itself remain our own.

Our editorial team does not accept money, gifts, or any other consideration from companies as a reason to write stories.


The Body Lock’s authors are not affiliated with any organization which The Body Lock covers.

All authors can not be employed by or receive compensation from mixed martial arts promotions, athlete management firms, or any other company that can create a potential conflict of interest.

Event credentials

The Body Lock does not rely on event credentials or access to events. Our objective is to report fairly and accurately, and we believe that the best way to do this is when we’re not at an event.

Without reliance on event credentials and media access, we are uniquely positioned to provide trusted reporting about the most important stories in mixed martial arts.

Press trips

The Body Lock does not participate in sponsored press trips/media junkets. Our authors do not accept flights, accommodation, transport, or any other type of gift from the mixed martial arts promotions that we cover.

Gifts and freebies

The Body Lock does not accept donations or other consideration from companies as a condition or incentive to write a review or story.


The Body Lock prides itself on providing accurate, deeply researched posts and stories. However, in the case that a mistake has been made, we will update the content with a correction notice listed at the bottom of the post. The Body Lock does not remove stories.