How to order UFC PPV in 2024 - Your ultimate guide 1

If you’re hoping to learn more about how to order and watch UFC PPV events, you’re in the right place.

With over 42 UFC events hosted annually, ranging from Fight Nights to thrilling pay-per-view (PPV) events, it can sometimes be confusing to know how to watch UFC fights. But worry not! This comprehensive guide will explain how to order UFC PPV events.

Regular UFC Fight Night events are readily available to stream on ESPN+. These events are ‘free,’ excluding the cost of the ESPN+ subscription. However, the creme de la creme of UFC – the numbered events like UFC 296 are exclusively aired on PPV.

Ordering UFC PPV Events in 2024

An ESPN+ subscription is required to order UFC PPV events. ESPN+ subscribers can order each PPV event for $79.99 online.

Since ESPN+ is the exclusive provider of UFC PPV events, the best and most direct way to watch the main fights is by ordering the official PPV via the ESPN+ website.

UFC PPV events aren’t available via cable or satellite providers — only on ESPN+.

How to Order UFC PPV on ESPN+

Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to order UFC fights:

For existing ESPN+ subscribers:

  • Visit the ESPN+ website
  • Follow the on-page instructions to log in and access the order page
  • Click “Get Now”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order

For new ESPN+ subscribers:

  • Visit the ESPN+ website
  • Choose UFC PPV & ESPN+ Bundle
  • Click “Get Now”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order

What’s the Cost?

Existing ESPN+ subscribers can order each UFC PPV event for $79.99.

If you’re a new subscriber, you can choose to first subscribe to ESPN+ and then purchase the UFC PPV event or simply select the special UFC PPV and ESPN+ Bundle that offers considerable savings.

This bundle includes one-year access to ESPN+ (normally $99.99) and the upcoming UFC PPV fight card ($79.99) for a discounted price of $124.98. It’s a great deal!

Watching UFC PPV on TV

Yes, all UFC PPV events can be watched on TV via ESPN+ after ordering online.

If you have a Smart TV, simply download the ESPN app, log in, and then access the ESPN+ section to find and view the UFC PPV event.

You can also stream the event using smart devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Android phones, Apple TV, Roku, Samsung TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and more.

Which UFC Fights Are on ESPN+?

All UFC PPV events, the special, numbered UFC events, are exclusive to ESPN+.

UFC PPV Replays on ESPN+

Anyone who has purchased the official UFC PPV stream via the ESPN+ website can log in and watch the UFC PPV replay for 15 days following the live event.

Keep in mind you need an active ESPN+ subscription to watch events on-demand.

Can I Watch UFC PPV Events for Free?

No, the only way to watch UFC PPV events is by purchasing the official live stream via the ESPN+ website. ESPN+ does not offer free trials, and UFC PPV events are not included in the ESPN+ subscription.

However, remember that an ESPN+ subscription is first required to order a UFC PPV event.

Stay tuned, and don’t miss any of the action. Ordering a UFC PPV event is easy if you follow this guide. Enjoy the fights!

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