Future FC 2: Brazilian talents Joanderson Brito and Anderson Ferreira earn LFA contracts 1

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Two impressive Brazilian prospects emerged with LFA contracts at Friday’s Future FC 2, as Joanderson Brito and Anderson Ferreira shined atop a card filled with solid matchmaking and action. Check out the event replay on YouTube, including commentary by UFC bantamweight Thomas Almeida, and read onward for results, recaps, & clips from this excellent FFC 2 event:

FFC 2 Results

  • Joanderson Brito def. Estabili Amato by TKO, Rd. 2 at 0:41
  • Anderson Ferreira def. Kleverson Sampaio by TKO, Rd. 1 at 1:42
  • Elton Alves def. Alan Gabriel by unanimous decision
  • Gabriel de Souza def. Moacier Rocha by Sub-RNC, Rd. 2 at 2:30
  • Evandro Barbosa def. Luiz de Lima by unanimous decision
  • Alex Sandro def. Joelson Nascimento by KO-Right Hand, Rd. 1 at 3:29
  • Vanessa Melo def. Nilde Trindade by unanimous decision
  • Paulo Cesar def. Wesley Constantino by Sub-Guillotine, Rd. 1 at 2:51
  • Pedro Henrique def. Thiago dos Santos by TKO-Head Kick, Rd. 2 at 1:31
  • Lucas Rota def. Antonio Cesar Nardoni by unanimous decision

FFC 2 Event Video

Joanderson Brito TKOs Estabili Amato


With wins over top Peruvian veterans Johnny Iwasaki and Jose Zarauz under his belt, Joanderson Brito (10-2-1, #122 World) entered his Future FC 2 main event feature versus Estabili Amato (9-0, #533 World 155) brimming with well-earned confidence. Brito spent the first four minutes of the fight pacing forward and hunting the KO with wicked fists and kicks. Amato ate damage and hung tough, before giving Brito something to think about via crackling left hook in the final minute of the round. Amato seemed emboldened by that success as he stood and traded at the start of round 2. Bad idea, as Brito absolutely plastered his foe with a massive right/left combo that put Amato down! Moments later Amato left his neck exposed while struggling for a takedown, allowing Joanderson Brito to secure a guillotine choke for his 10th straight win. Brilliant stuff from Joanderson Brito, who was presented with an LFA contract for his performance.


Anderson Ferreira TKOs Kleverson Sampaio


When Ismael Bonfim pulled out during fight week, 23-year-old welterweight Kleverson Sampaio (5-5) stepped in on short notice to save this Future FC 2 co-main event. Sampaio weighed in 11 pounds above the lightweight limit, but that edge provided no noticeable size advantage against searing finisher Anderson Ferreira (13-1, #228 World). The 28-year-old Sao Paulo local obliterated Sampaio with a left hook to the body followed by a right cross that dropped Sampaio in place. A few more ground strikes sealed the deal for Anderson Ferreira, 28, who picked up his 13th straight victory in spectacular fashion. Post-fight the announce crew informed us that Anderson Ferreira earned an LFA contract on the strength of this win – keep an eye out for his debut at next month’s LFA 62 if the plan relayed by the announce team comes to fruition.

Elton Alves dec. Alan Gabriel


Tasked with battling Elton Alves (10-1) on just one week’s notice, 19-year-old Alan Gabriel (8-2) spent much of round 1 pulling guard and fishing for submissions. Alves fended off armbar and leglock efforts, while claiming round 1 on the cards with a smattering of ground damage. Alves showed a different facet of his game in round 2, dinging Gabriel with plenty of shots to the head and legs. Just when things seemed to be turning dire for him, Gabriel ducked under for a well-timed double leg and finished round 2 threatening from back mount. That proved to be the teenager’s final burst, as Elton Alves used potent all-around Muay Thai striking to bloody Gabriel in round 3 and secure a wide unanimous decision victory.

Gabriel de Souza subs Moacir Rocha


Despite working at a size disadvantage versus 6’3″ Moacir Rocha (6-3-1), Brasilia-based welterweight standout Gabriel de Souza (8-0, #364 World) used feints, footwork and straight punches to get inside and score damage throughout this two-round contest. De Souza, 21, maintained forward pressure with big punches until he ducked under for a takedown halfway through the first frame. Moments later, de Souza passed to mount and used the position to claim round 1 on the scorecards. “Marretinha” de Souza followed the same gameplan in round 2, striking for half the round before ducking under for a bodylock. This time de Souza circled to Rocha’s back and sunk in a wild standing RNC to stay undefeated as a professional:

Evandro Barbosa dec. Luiz de Lima


Sao Paulo-based karate practitioner Evandro Barbosa (9-3, #634 World) spent most of rounds 1 and 2 on virtual cruise control, battering Santo Angelo’s Luiz de Lima (8-1, #530 World) with potent & well-controlled range offense. Just when things were trending toward one-sided, de Lima unloaded with a gorgeous spinning wheel kick that put Barbosa on his butt! The undefeated prospect dove in for the finish but found himself immediately swept by the quick-recovering Barbosa. With one round to play, Barbosa pressed forward for the knockout despite a likely edge on the scorecards. That finish wasn’t to be, as de Lima hung in there and swung fists until the bout’s conclusion. Easy decision for the judges, in any case, as 34-year-old Evandro Barbosa showed off improvements at all ranges en route to a unanimous decision win.


Alex Sandro TKOs Joelson Nascimento


Corinthians MMA rep Alex “Cangaru” Sandro (9-3, #629 World) showed his stuff in this quick, violent drubbing of 21-year-old Joelson Nascimento (8-3, #464 World). Nascimento was on his back foot immediately as Sandro blasted him with leg kicks that earned an Edson Barboza comparison from commentator (and UFC bantamweight contender) Thomas Almeida. After tenderizing Nascimento with low kicks, Sandro went high with a head kick that put the upstart on wobbly legs. Sandro pounced with a tenacious flurry of punches, including a piercing left to the body that set up the brutal overhand right finish 3:29 into the fight. That’s two straight impressive KOs for Alex Sandro since he fell to Russian talent Yusup Umarov at ACB 59 in Chechnya; meanwhile, Nascimento saw his seven fight winning streak come to a close.

Vanessa Melo dec. Nilde Trindade

Women’s Flyweight

Amapa’s Nilde Trindade (3-1) traveled from the rainforest-covered northern tip of Brazil to test her skills against one of Sao Paulo’s finest WMMA practitioners in Vanessa Melo (8-5, #85 World). Trindade, 21, showed off grit & tenacity throughout but she found herself on the wrong end of a 15 minute masterclass from her experienced foe. Trindade spent the bout plodding forward with overhand rights like a 5’2″ Roy Nelson. That played into Melo’s strengths, as the veteran landed snappy counters while nimbly edging out of range. Melo added in nice takedowns at the end of rounds 1 & 2; much credit to Trindade for absorbing a lot of damage but managing to hang in for all 15 minutes. Great showing from Vanessa Melo, who authored another solid performance to go with wins over UFC fighter Molly McCann and Invicta alum Daiane Firmino.

Paulo Cesar subs Wesley Constantino


Age overcame youth in this battle of Sao Paulo natives, as 35-year-old Paulo “PC” Cesar (4-4) grounded and tapped 21-year-old Wesley Constantino (5-4) in just 2:51 of round 1. Cesar immediately achieved a takedown and controlled Constantino on the mat throughout this brief contest. When Constantino sold out on a scramble, Cesar grabbed his neck and scored an insta-tap to earn the upset via guillotine choke.

Pedro Henrique TKOs Thiago dos Santos

165 lbs Catchweight

Nova Uniao’s Pedro “Psicopata” Henrique (7-4-1) lived up to his nickname here, stepping up 30 pounds from bantamweight to decimate 6’2″ kickboxer Thiago “TKS” dos Santos (5-7). Henrique’s right hand was on point early as he marched down the much bigger man. Dos Santos, who defeated a different Pedro Henrique in his last fight, circled away from his aggressive foe & retaliated with kicks aplenty in round 1. Yet it was Henrique who did the first serious damage via leg kicks early in round 2. With his foe limping, “Psicopata” finished the much bigger man 1:31 into the second frame via perfect head kick! The 5’6″ Henrique put on a fine show despite fighting well above his weight class; here’s looking forward to the 22-year-old’s return to 135 pounds in the near future.


Lucas Rota dec Antonio Cesar Nardoni

Light Heavyweight

Talented striker Antonio Cesar Nardio (3-3) started hot, buckling short notice foe Lucas Rota (5-4) with a massive overhand right moments into the Future FC 2 opener. When the overeager kickboxer closed in for a finish, Rota took advantage with a pair of brief takedowns before pushing most of the rest of this 15 minute clash into the clinch. Despite being the heftier fighter, Rota’s cardio looked solid as he continued to pressure Nardoni against the cage in rounds 2 & 3. Both fighters threw decent offense in tight, but the judges favored Rota’s positional control to the tune of a unanimous decision. Solid bounceback for Rota after he fell to RIZIN Grand Prix alum Bruno Capellozza in his prior contest.

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