Mike Plazola and Jarel Askew weigh-in before Alaska Fighting Championship 146

Anchorage, Alaska  –  Violence was in the air at Alaska FC 146, which brought the heat with five high intensity, competitive fights that lasted under two rounds.

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Alaska FC 146 Quick Results

  • Enoka Sautia def. Chris Johnson by TKO-Left Hand, Round 1 at 2:53
  • Preston Micheletto def. Jeremiah Sierra by Sub-RNC, Round 2 at 2:30
  • Cody Rice def. Daniel Christensen by TKO-Liver Shot+GNP, Round 1 at 1:45
  • Aaron Phillips def. Bear Rogers by Sub-RNC, Round 1 at 4:20

Alaska FC 146 Recaps & Highlights

155: Jarel Askew TKOs Mike Plazola

Fairbanks, Alaska’s Jarel Askew (11-5) clearly wanted to get the fight to the ground early but fell short in his attempts to take down Victory FC alum Mike Plazola (16-10). Moments later a grazing right hand did the trick, knocking Plazola off balance and allowing Askew to settle on top in guard. After a referee standup, Plazola flashed hands and landed a nice leg kick. Askew caught a kick and slammed Plazola back down into his world to claim round 1. Down one frame, Plazola came off the stool hot with a hard low kick. Askew checked it perfectly; the impact sent Plazola to the mat with a leg injury. A series of machine gun left hands convinced the ref to stop the fight 15 seconds into round 2 in favor of the former AFC welterweight champ, and current AFC lightweight contender, Jarel Askew.

265: Enoka Sautia TKOs Chris Johnson 

It looked like Enoka Sautia (4-0) would claim victory in mere seconds when he sent Chris Johnson (3-8) flying across the cage with a massive left hook (see below!).  Somehow Johnson survived the ensuing flurry of ground strikes but couldn’t stop him from settling into side control.   The undefeated bruiser Sautia smashed away with elbows, but Johnson showed great heart as he managed to struggle to his feet. It proved all for naught when Sautia chucked him back to the ground before leaping in with a perfect left-hand bomb that sealed the deal; moments later Johnson tapped after the ref still hadn’t called for the TKO.  No shame for Johnson, who was stepping up from light heavyweight, and a great performance from the softspoken Enoka Sautia who scored his fourth straight TKO as a pro.

145: Preston Micheletto subs Jeremiah Sierra

These two started off swinging, with Jeremiah Sierra (0-1) and Preston Micheletto (3-0) each landing right hands before a pair of low blows from Sierra resulted in a brief break and point deduction.   Things turned wild when the fight returned, Sierra cracking a huge punch 2 minutes in but Micheletto retaliating with several takedowns.  Sierra’s handiwork busted Micheletto open, but Micheletto was the one who landed a knockdown via crisp left hand late in round 1. A huge back suplex from Micheletto drew some “oohs” from the crowd! The bloodied Micheletto ate an illegal upkick while he was trying to land GNP, leading to a second point deduction against Jeremiah Sierra.

Down either 10-7 round or 9-8 after one round, an aggressive Sierra fished for a guillotine before blasting Micheletto with a series of right hands that left him on shaky legs. Micheletto barely survived and plowed forward with a takedown, this time controlling position against his flagging foe.  Sierra had a moment of hope as he locked in a triangle choke, but Micheletto squirmed away and immediately locked in an RNC for the tap at 2:30 of round 2!  Early contender for AFC fight of the year here, and a composed performance from Preston Micheletto after absorbing a bunch of fouls in the first stanza.

178: Cody Rice TKOs Daniel Christensen

This battle of youth versus experience pitted 25-time Alaska Fighting veteran Cody Rice (14-13) against under-the-radar local Daniel Christensen (0-1). The two men immediately met in a center-cage clinch before pushing the fight toward the cage. After a minute of tussling and clinch strikes, the vet smashed the rookie with a nasty left to the liver that dropped Christensen! Moments later ABJJ’s Rice clinched his seventh career TKO with ground strikes at the 1:45 mark of round 1.

205: Aaron Phillips subs Bear Rogers

Great one rounder here to start the AFC 146 main card! Bear Rogers (0-1) entered his AFC debut boasting some boxing experience, and he showed some grappling chops with a takedown stuff and a standing guillotine try early in round 1. When Aaron Phillips (3-1) popped his head out he made the rookie pay with a flurry of punches against the cage. Both men traded 1-2s mid cage as round 1 progressed into the latter stages. The man named Bear showed off a powerful uppercut and a big left hook three minutes in. Phillips finally ducked a swing and forced things to the ground, where he rapidly progressed to the back and sunk in an RNC at 4:20 of round 1.

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