UFC Fight Night 202 Prediction: Ji Yeon Kim vs. Priscila Cachoeira odds, analysis 1

Korea’s own Ji Yeon Kim will return to the octagon after half a year away following her September loss to Molly McCann. Although currently on the first two-fight losing skids of her UFC career, Kim showed immense promise in her UFC victories, now chasing the consistency to prove that she can come in always prepared and at her best. In the way of this is Priscila Cachoeira, a Brazilian fighter who has made a name for herself with her aggressive and power-based style in the flyweight division.

After a two-fight win streak and high period in her UFC career, Cachoeira also fell victim to loss in her most recent UFC fight, at the hands of Gillian Robertson. Both women are coming into this match looking to bounce back and regroup on track with a victory to snap their losing ways.

Betting Odds

Sportsbook has the fight at -196 to +164 with Kim coming in as the decent favorite over the Brazilian.

  • Ji Yeon Kim: -196
  • Priscila Cachoeira: +164


Ji Yeon Kim favors a boxing-based style although does have a well-rounded skill set. Kim has a reach of 72 inches and uses it well as an advantage over most opponents. In this matchup, she will enjoy a full 7 inches over Cachoeira. Kim uses her reach especially well to negate the fact that for the UFC she is relatively less explosive and quick as some of her competition, her reach and accuracy make up for this by forcing her opponents to bridge the gap in order to work as well as makes her punches count when they land and they land often. When leading she doesn’t usually elect to push high volume but if pressured and on the counter she can be relentless in her output as she returns fire.

Her best moments in fights come when she is able to slow down the action and take a methodical approach, she will lose in exchanges when they come in flurries but manage to sting her opponents with well placed shots on the end of these combinations. The problem is she has the potential to take damage before she can make it worth it. The submission threat is present with three to her name, although these have come early in her career. Grappling is not a face value issue typically in her fights but should she hurt her opponents on the feet, it becomes a potential stamp on victory for her.

Cachoeira also prefers to strike, as her power is her greatest asset in her fights. She stands crouched and extremely heavy in her stance so that she can rotate and drive through on all of her shots. This also allows her a bit of a head start on sprawling which is her primary means of defending takedowns. She is very aggressive and accurate, but tends to go back to her greatest weapon, the right cross a bit to the point of predictability. Her punches are stiff and sharp because they’re always up and loaded in her guard. On the lead, she tends to do very good at staying stable as she attacks, but when looking to counter her weight can sometimes over-extend over her front leg, making the best opportunity to either take her down or attack a leg is when she throws that counter right.

The one big knock on Cachoeira’s skill set has been her grappling game, although it’s important to note that she has fought very good grapplers in the division, she does tend to look a step behind. This is largely due to her inclination to settle on her back and close her guard, hoping more for a referee to stand up sometimes than forcing her way to her feet.


I think we will see a good level of striking exchanges in this fight, both Kim and Cachoeira prefer to contest fights this way. It will be up to Cachoeira to look to get inside the range of Kim, as she could easily be peppered from range if she cannot do so, however if she can break into the pocket she has the superior firepower. Kim should look to mix in the threat of the clinch with takedowns and knees if she can make Cachoeira over-commit on her entrances, this will allow Kim to control the fight in the greater number of ranges and ultimately win.

Prediction: Kim to win

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