UFC 276: Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena play-by-play, full fight results, video highlights 1

Robbie Lawler and Bryan Barberena will go head-to-head during the UFC 276 main card tonight. Lawler vs. Barberena will stream live only on ESPN+ PPV.

Lawler, a former welterweight champion, makes his return after a TKO victory against Nate Diaz last year. He’ll face Barberena tonight who has managed two consecutive victories against Matt Brown and Darian Weeks.

Read on for all of our play-by-play updates, live results, and highlights from Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena at UFC 276.

Robbie Lawler vs Bryan Barberena play-by-play

Watch the Lawler vs. Barberena live now or catch the full replay only on ESPN+ PPV.

Round one

A touch of gloves and we’re on. Low kicks from Barberena to start. Another one lands. Lawler has the center of the cage and Barberena is on the outside. Two heavy body punches land for Lawler. He’s digging deep into Barberena’s body with these punches. Now he goes high but just misses. Strong left hand by Lawler but Barberena stands his ground and lands a few in return.

Heavy left hand from Barberena and then a counter punch from Lawler. Lawler goes after him and just misses with a 1-2. Heavy hooks from Lawler now. Goes back to the body. He’s all over Barberena but Barberena is still very dangerous despite his back to the cage. Now it’s Barberena opening up with shots to the body and head.

Barberena touching up Lawler now in the same way that Nick Diaz did last — lots of volume with light punches. Lawler adjusting his guard to defend these strikes but he’s being overwhelmed by high-volume, relatively low-impact strikes. It seems to be working well for Barberena and Lawler ends up eating a couple of heavy shots in-between.

Now it’s Lawler returning fire and Barberena pivots out. Nice uppercut from Lawler. Great fight so far and it’s almost exclusively a boxing match with both fighters going after the head and body. Barberena with more volume so far but it’s Lawler who has landed the heavier punches. That’s the end of round one.

10-9 Lawler

Round two

Barberena opens with a low kick and jab. His plan so far seems to be to overwhelm Lawler with strikes and keep him busy with defense rather than offense. Every time Lawler comes forward Barberena just continues throwing light strikes to the head and body, forcing Lawler to use his high guard to defend. A stiff jab lands for Lawler now and then a prolonged exchange of punches between the two.

Halfway through the round now and it’s a slower pace than round one. Lawler misses with a 1-2 and Barberena backs away. Great counter striking from both fighters so far and they both take some heavy punches to the head in another exchange. Lawler again lands the heavier shots.

Big punch from Barberena connects. Lawler is retreating now and Barberena keeps advancing. Lawler looks in trouble now. Barberena keeps raining punches. Lawler is a little wobbly now but still fighting back. Nasty elbow from Barberena now and then Lawler gives one back. Lawler’s looking tired. Barberena keeps on coming. Huge right hand from Barberena. Lawler covers up. Barberena continues the attack and a few more heavy hooks sneak past Lawler’s guard. He loses his balance and that’s enough for the referee to call this one off. Barberena wins by TKO.

Official Result: Bryan Barberena def. Robbie Lawler via technical knockout (punches) – R2, 4:47

UFC fighters react to Barberena vs. Lawler

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