UFC 276: Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway 3 play-by-play, full fight results, video highlights 1

A trilogy bout between two of the best featherweight fighters in UFC history will feature on the UFC 276 main card and stream live only on ESPN+ PPV.

Alexander Volkanovski looks to make it four title defenses in a row when he faces Holloway for the third time tonight in Las Vegas. Volkanovski defeated Holloway by unanimous decision to claim the title in 2019 before then beating him again in 2020 by split decision to defend the title. He has since backed up those wins with victories against Brian Ortega and “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung.

Holloway, the former champion, gets another shot at the title following impressive performances against both Calvin Kattar and Yair Rodriguez. The Kattar fight was a one-sided beatdown from Holloway and then Holloway passed the difficult challenge that is Rodriguez to leave the UFC with no other option but to run this fight back once more.

Read on for all of our play-by-play updates, live results, and highlights from Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway at UFC 276.

Alexander Volkanovski vs Max Holloway play-by-play

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Round One

They touch gloves and then it’s Holloway immediately pressuring Volkanovski. Both fighters testing the range with low kicks so far. Holloway front body kick and then a high kick but both don’t get through. Volkanovski already going to the legs of Holloway. Holloway comes in with a punch, misses, then ducks to evade a powerful combination from Volkanovski in return. They trade body kicks now. Volkanovski moves forward with a jab and then a right hand behind it. Volkanovski opening up with punches now but nothing lands. But now he lands a heavy punch to the head of Holloway. Holloway attempts to return fire but misses.

When Holloway comes forward, Volkanovski is ready to unload powerful hooks and stand his ground. They’re yet to connect, though, but that’s clearly the plan of Volkanovskik who wants to punish Holloway for pressuring him. Holloway’s high kick is blocked. Nice jab from Volkanovski and then he comes forward into the clinch. He’s clearly confident so far in this fight. Holloway is yet to settle into the fight. Volkanovski lands a strong left hand. Holloway still advancing, though, but hasn’t been able to open his offense in the way that he’d like.

They’ve momentarily clinched a few times during the round but no fighter has been able to take advantage of the situation. Now they’re trading at close range. Holloway lands some good punches as Volkanovski retreats. Spinning back fist from Holloway is blocked at the end of the round. Good first round from Volkanovski who managed the distance well.

10-9 Volkanovski

Round two

Volkanovski was feeling it in the first round so expect Holloway to come out and disrupt his flow here in the second. Holloway comes forward with some punches but Volkanovski stands his ground again and returns punches. That’s been the key so far. Volkanovski has accepted the position of circling and being on the outside but he’s not giving up ground as Holloway comes forward. Strong right hand connects from the champion. Holloway didn’t have an answer there.

Now Holloway mixes it up and goes to the body of Volkanovski with punches. He’s throwing the jab now to keep Volkanovski busy. He comes forward and clinches with Volkanovski but the champion turns him and pushes him back to the cage. A nice elbow from the champion lands. Holloway turns and Volkanovski lands another elbow. Holloway throws a combination to the body and head. Another one but Volkanovski evades the right hand to land one of his own. A cut has opened up on Holloway’s face now. A jab from Volkanovski seems to wobble Holloway for a moment. Holloway misses with a straight punch to the body. Now he goes back to his kicks. Volkanovski evades.

Calf kick from Volkanovski and then Holloway lands one of his own. Holloway lands some straight punches and then only just misses with a high kick. Volkanovski’s head movement has been critical as Holloway comes forward with blitzes. Holloway’s long straight punches are just falling short as Volkanovski moves back now. Strong left hand from Volkanovski lands. Flying knee attempt by Holloway. Volkanovski has been in control of this round and that’s two in the books for the champion.

10-9 Volkanovski

Round three

In-between rounds they showed Holloway’s corner working on his cut above his eye. It’s a deep, nastier cut than expected. They come back out for round three now. Volkanovski lands a right hand down the middle. He’s punishing Max for moving forward and he’s looked faster than Holloway so far. Holloway’s still dangerous though, of course.

They trade leg kicks and they’re fighting at a much closer range now in round three. Volkanovski has been able to evade most of Holloway’s attacks so far. A nice jab lands for Holloway. Now Volkanovski is throwing his straight punches and two connect. Now he goes to hooks as Holloway steps in and another lands. Holloway throws a combination and most strikes are defended. A nice jab from Holloway sends Volkanovski’s head back. More strong punches land for Volkanovski. Holloway’s chin is being tested now. They clinch now and it’s Volkanovski pushing Holloway to the cage. A spinning back fist just misses Holloway on the exit. Another strong right hand from the champion. The cut above Holloway’s eye is now bleeding again and it could be enough to put an end to the fight if it opens up any more.

Holloway connects with one of his best strikes of the fight so far and it’s a knee as Volkanovski comes in. Now there’s a cut on Volkanovski’s forehead.  Holloway lands some punches to finish the round. He definitely improved in the last minute there.

10-9 Volkanovski

Round four

Holloway high kick misses. Now they’re clinching against the cage. Volkanovski breaks and lands some heavy hooks. Back to the clinch. Double underhooks for Volkanovski. He disengages and Holloway’s cut has opened again. Body kick from Holloway lands. Nice 1-2 from the champion and then he bounces out of range before Holloway can respond. Nice spinning back kick from Holloway. Pace has slowed in round four. Holloway ducks under a combination from Volkanovski. Holloway now advances behind his jab. Volkanovski catches a body kick but lets it go. Now the champion crashes two hard punches into Holloway’s head.

Holloway has still been advancing and an opportunity presents itself when Volkanovski slips. Holloway latches onto him but they’re far too slippery and end up clinching against the cage. A high kick from Holloway misses. More hard punches from Volkanovski. And again as Holloway advances, Volkanovski is able to duck underneath and then land two hooks. Nice body kick from Holloway now. But it’s still the champion in control of this one. He’s back to his jab and working Holloway’s face. Holloway’s spinning back kick to the body just misses. High kick nearly lands for Holloway. Volkanovski has evaded those much better in this fight.

10-9 Volkanovski

Round five

Volkanovski’s made it look easy so far. He’s outworking the former champion and it’s likely a shutout on all scorecards at this point. Holloway needs to change something up here to have a chance. He clinches with Volkanovski and pushes him back to the cage but Volkanovski reverses position and now they reset in the center. More leg kicks from Volkanovski land now. The pace has slowed again. It hasn’t been a repeat of the highly-competitive battles in the first two fights but instead, we’re seeing a one-sided display from the champion.

Holloway takedown attempt but Volkanovski keeps his balance and then clinches against the cage. They reset. Volkanovski doesn’t seem to be in any real danger here and fans are likely just counting down the seconds. Holloway’s face is covered in blood and Volkanovski lands a strong right hand. High kick from Holloway is blocked. Not a lot of action in the last round and we have less than a minute remaining now. Volkanovski jabbing. Holloway calls for him to throw down but Volkanovski raises his hand. It’s over.

Incredible performance from Volkanovski. Beat Holloway in every aspect of the fight tonight and had him shooting takedowns in the final stages of the fight. Holloway had no answers for the champion.

10-9 Volkanovski

Official Result: Alexander Volkanovski def. Max Holloway via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

Fighters react to Volkanovski vs. Holloway

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