UFC 264 Results: Sean O'Malley vs. Kris Moutinho play-by-play, live blog, video highlights 1

Sean O’Malley vs. Kris Moutinho is set to open up the UFC 264 main card.

The PPV main card is live now on ESPN+ and fight fans can watch every fight live (and replays) by purchasing here on the ESPN website.

We’ll also be providing play-by-play updates and live blog for every UFC 264 main card fight as it happens.


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Sean O’Malley vs. Kris Moutinho play-by-play, live blog

Round one

Moutinho rushes forward and starts throwing hands. O’Malley evades, slides out to the side. He’s settling into the fight already and establishing a safe fighting range. O’Malley pokes Moutinho’s body with a front kick. Moutinho blitzes again but misses everything. O’Malley moving well and keeps sliding out to the left toward Moutinho’s lead right hand. Moutinho now targeting O’Malley’s legs and lands two low kicks. Another one. This could be the key to slowing O’Malley down and disabling the evasive movement. O’Malley lands a strong right high kick. O’Malley landing clean but Moutinho lands a punch of his own. He’s here to fight and he’s taking it to O’Malley.

Two minutes have passed and the pace remains high. Moutinho rushes again and now walks into a combination of punches from O’Malley. O’Malley’s feeling it and lands a strong combination of punches before missing with a spinning wheel kick. Moutinho is taking all of these punches and somehow still marching forward. A masterclass from O’Malley so far as he sticks out the jab and moves. Moutinho with more low kicks but then he eats another punch to the head. Tough debut fight for Moutinho as expected here and it’s really been quite the show from O’Malley. Moutinho blitzes and walks into an O’Malley hook. Another low kick lands. Moutinho’s feeling it now and starts talking to O’Malley. He’s trying to move his head but O’Malley’s way too fast and is tagging him. He lands a series of unanswered punches and Moutinho’s continuing to come forward. Five seconds remaining in the round and O’Malley drops Moutinho before chasing after him for the finish. He’s stumbling around. He won’t have long to recover before the next round.

The Body Lock scores round one for O’Malley (10-8)

Round two

They’re out for round two now. O’Malley is moving well and sticking out the jab. A couple of spinning back kicks land for O’Malley and they’re targeting the body. It seems like O’Malley has adjusted and is now targeting the legs and body of Moutinho to slow him down. Moutinho has taken many clean punches to the head and is still, somehow, coming forward. Right cross to the body lands now for O’Malley. Moutinho’s slowing down and that’s to be expected after the crazy first round and the damage he took. Referee Herb Dean is watching Moutinho closely. Although he’s still standing, he’s taking far too much damage. The round slows down considerably after two minutes. Moutinho’s still advancing and O’Malley attempting to move away from the cage safely. O’Malley stabbing the body with front kicks. Moutinho’s defense hasn’t been there all night and it’s now becoming worse as the fight progresses. It’s a surprise that Moutinho has been able to walk through these shots in the way he has. O’Malley rips a punch to the body. Moutinho’s walking him down and staying right in front of him. He’s secured the clinch against the cage now but it’s going to be difficult to achieve anything as there are just 10 seconds remaining. They separate and that’s it for round two. O’Malley’s tired, as well, understandably, after giving it his all to get Moutinho out of the cage — but it hasn’t happened.

The Body Lock scores round two for O’Malley (10-9)

Round three

O’Malley working the body and head with punches. Moutinho still trying to close the distance but he can’t pin O’Malley down against the cage. One minute into the round and he finally manages to stop O’Malley and corner him as best he can. He unloads a series of hooks but nothing lands with real significance. O’Malley jabs and moves. O’Malley backs up now and times a right hand as he moves away. O’Malley just storming forward — it’s incredible to see considering the damage he has taken. He’s not allowing O’Malley to stop and set up his kicks. There’s no opportunity for one of O’Malley favorite spinning attacks because Moutinho has him backing up consistently. O’Malley times another right-hand counter punch. Disciplined fight from O’Malley as he continues to stick and move.  Punch after punch is landing cleanly. Left hand and then a right over the top. Simply way too much damage to take in a UFC debut — or any fight for that matter — but the crowd is loving the action. Unofficial stats show that O’Malley has landed more than 229 strikes at 80% accuracy through 14 minutes so far. That’s remarkable and speaks to O’Malley’s excellent speed and accuracy, as well as Moutinho’s poor defense.

Referee Herb Dean has stepped in to stop this one after some more hard punches from O’Malley. Moutinho wasn’t in immediate danger that’s typical of a stoppage but the accumulation of damage has been unbelievable. This one was more up to Moutinho’s corner to look after the fighter, but of course, that never happens in MMA. Dean felt like it was necessary to protect the fighter.

Official Result: Sean O’Malley def. Kris Moutinho via TKO – R3

UFC 264 Results

Saturday, July 10 – T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas

Main Card – 10:00 pm (ET) on ESPN+ PPV

Prelims – 8:00 pm (ET) on ESPN+

  • Max Griffin def. Carlos Condit via unanimous decision
  • Michel Pereira def. Niko Price via unanimous decision
  • Ilia Topuria def. Ryan Hall via KO/TKO – R1, 4:47
  • Dricus du Plessis def. Trevin Giles via KO/TKO – R2, 1:41

Early Prelims – 6:00 pm (ET) on ESPN+

  • Jennifer Maia def. Jessica Eye via unanimous decision
  • Brad Tavares def. Omari Akhmedov via split decision
  • Zhalgas Zhumagulov def. Jerome Rivera via submission – R1, 2:03

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