UFC 258: Ricky Simon vs. Brian Kelleher play-by-play and results 1

The Body Lock is here to bring you live UFC 258 results and highlights for Ricky Simon vs. Brian Kelleher and all other fights happening tonight at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Ricky Simon vs. Brian Kelleher play-by-play

Round one

Maki Pitolo vs. Julian Marquez has finished. Simon vs. Kelleher is up next.

Both fighters rush to the middle of the cage. Simon already on top after a fast takedown, and he lands in half guard. Kelleher rushes to scramble out of the position but Simon jumps back on him. Kelleher is bleeding from a huge cut on the inside of his eyebrow. He’s been cut by an elbow and the blood is dripping into his right eye. Simon pushing Kelleher to the cage. Kelleher considers jumping the guillotine but Simon slices past Kelleher’s guard and lands in half guard. Simon is already working on an arm-triangle from half guard. Kelleher is being overwhelmed by Simon’s pressure so far. Kelleher escapes and is now in turtle. Simon slides to the back but this allows Kelleher to separate. The blood is disrupting Kelleher’s vision and is clearly bothering him. Kelleher calf kick. Simon ferocious double-leg takedown and Kelleher can’t grab the guillotine. Simon again slices through Kelleher’s guard and is in another potential arm-triangle position. Kelleher kicks Simon off but there’s so much blood dripping into Kelleher’s eye now. Another takedown attempt is stuffed. Two leg kicks from Simon.

The Body Lock scores round one for Ricky Simon (10-9)

Round two

Kelleher has a chance to settle into this fight now. They’re standing to start round two. Simon looks dangerous. Going to the legs of Kelleher. Both fighters feinting. Kelleher left head kick blocked. Front kick lands. Simon catches the Kelleher kick and follows him to the mat. Kelleher lands again with a powerful right hand. Simon still pressuring but not going back to the takedowns that helped him in round one. Kelleher double jab pushes back Simon. Simon calf kick is checked but he goes straight back to it. Simon first takedown attempt of the round and Kelleher instantly goes to the guillotine again. It’s not there for Kelleher, though, and it allows Simon to settle into top position against the cage. Simon left-hand lands. A much closer round. Harder to score.

The Body Lock scores round two for Ricky Simon (10-9, 20-18)

Round three

Kelleher advancing and making Simon fight on the back foot to start round three. Simon combination but doesn’t sneak through the guard. Kelleher settling in now. Jabs are connecting. Simon jab and then two upward-elbows. Simon pressing Kelleher to the cage now. Happy to just control the fight from here and stall Kelleher. Simon drops and lands in top position in half guard before launching a few big elbows. Simon still on top and stopping Kelleher’s attempts to transition. Simon crushes Kelleher with another elbow from the clinch now as they’ve worked back to standing position. Simon with another takedown attempt. Kelleher kneeling and Simon driving knees into his hamstring. Kelleher having success with kicks to end the round but far too late.

Simon’s takedowns were the biggest factor here. Kelleher could only respond with a guillotine attempt and it would allow Simon to secure the takedown and pass guard.

The Body Lock scores round three for Ricky Simon (10-9, 30-27)

Official result: Ricky Simon def. Brian Kelleher via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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