Brandon Moreno vs. Kai Kara-France

Get ready for a high-stakes flyweight bout, as Kai Kara-France locks horns with Amir Albazi at the UFC on ESPN 46 event on June 3.

The UFC on ESPN 46 event will take place at the UFC’s Apex in Las Vegas and initially had a different headlining fight. However, due to an injury sustained by Jack Hermansson, the spotlight now shines on the flyweight clash between New Zealand’s Kai Kara-France (24-10) and Iraq-born Amir Albazi (16-1).

Kara-France, currently ranked the #3 ranked flyweight, is seeking to bounce back after his interim title fight loss against champion Brandon Moreno. Prior to this defeat, Kara-France had an impressive three-fight winning streak.

Albazi, on the other hand, has been on a meteoric rise. As the #7 ranked flyweight, he boasts an undefeated 4-0 record in the UFC, including three finishes, two of which were in the first round. Depending on the outcomes of other upcoming fights, either of these fighters could be in title contention before the end of the year.

To watch the fight live on Saturday night, you can catch the action on ESPN+ or on ESPN on June 3.

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Betting Odds

The betting odds for the bout are now live on most sites, with popular bookmaker BetUS listing Albazi as a -125 favorite and Kara-France as a +105 underdog.

Amir Albazi-125BetUS
Kai Kara-France+105BetUS

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To interpret these odds, a minus sign (-) indicates the favorite, while a plus sign (+) indicates the underdog. In this case, if you bet $125 on Amir Albazi and he wins, you would win $100. On the other hand, if you bet $100 on Kai Kara-France and he wins, you would win $105.

For Amir Albazi, the implied probability to win is approximately 55.56%, while for Kai Kara-France, it is approximately 48.78%.

In fractional format, the odds for Amir Albazi would be 4/5, and for Kai Kara-France, they would be 21/20. In decimal format, the odds for Amir Albazi would be $1.80, and for Kai Kara-France, they would be $2.05.

If you’re interested in betting on the total number of rounds in this fight, here are the odds:

Over 3.5-165BetUS
Under 3.5+135BetUS

To interpret these odds, if you bet on over 3.5 rounds, you would need the fight to last for at three-and-a-half rounds for your bet to win. If you bet on under 3.5 rounds, the fight would need to end in the first three-and-a-half rounds for your bet to win.

The implied probability for over 3.5 rounds is approximately 62.26%, while for under 3.5 rounds, it is approximately 42.55%. The odds show that the expected result is for this fight to last the distance.

In fractional format, the odds for over 3.5 rounds would be 20/33, and for under 3.5 rounds, they would be 27/20. In decimal format, the odds for over 3.5 rounds would be $1.61, and for under 3.5 rounds, they would be $2.35.

How to Bet on the Fight

If you’re interested in placing a bet on this fight, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your preferred bookmaker. We recommend signing up with BetUS to get a sign-up bonus worth up to $2,500.
  2. After signing up, navigate to the UFC/MMA section on the site.
  3. Locate the fight between Albazi and Kara-France.
  4. Choose your preferred fighter to win or bet on other aspects of the fight like total rounds.
  5. Decide on the amount you wish to bet, review your potential payout, and confirm your bet.

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Fight Breakdown

Before we delve deeper into the skills and stats of these two fighters, let’s start with the Tale of the Tape:

Tale of the TapeKai Kara-FranceAmir Albazi
Wins/Losses/Draws24-10-0 (1 NC)16-1-0
Average Fight Time11:529:07
Height5′ 4″5′ 5″
Weight125 lbs.125 lbs.
DOBMar 26, 1993Oct 27, 1993


Here’s a look at their striking stats:

Striking StatisticsKai Kara-FranceAmir Albazi
Strikes Landed per Min. (SLpM)4.703.54
Striking Accuracy40%43%
Strikes Absorbed per Min. (SApM)3.572.47

Kara-France and Albazi are both skillful strikers, but their approach to striking differs slightly.

Kara-France has a higher output, landing an average of 4.70 significant strikes per minute compared to Albazi’s 3.54. However, Albazi exhibits a slightly higher striking accuracy and absorbs fewer strikes per minute, which could prove advantageous in the bout.


Next, let’s break down their grappling statistics:

Grappling StatisticsKai Kara-FranceAmir Albazi
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.512.47
Takedown Accuracy25%50%
Takedown Defense87%66%
Submission Average/15 min.0.00.8

Albazi shines in the grappling department with an average of 2.47 takedowns per 15 minutes, compared to Kara-France’s 0.51. Albazi also demonstrates superior takedown accuracy and a higher submission average, though Kara-France boasts an impressive takedown defense at 87%.

Also, note the difference in submission attempts between the two fighters — with Albazi attempting 0.8 submissions per 15 minutes and Kara-France yet to attempt a submission in the UFC.

The flyweight fight between Amir Albazi and Kai Kara-France is set to be an electrifying clash of styles, with Kara-France’s striking going up against Albazi’s grappling. With the stakes high and the fighters ready to put on a show, don’t miss out on streaming the event live on ESPN+.

Considering the betting odds and the individual skill sets of the fighters, the match could go either way. If you wish to enhance the thrill and potentially earn some money while watching the fight, consider placing a bet on BetUS.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this fight and your predictions. Let us know in the comments section below!

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