Chris Weidman makes his walk to the cage at UFC Boston

Chris Weidman isn’t worried about his future with the UFC for now.

The former middleweight champion will look to go on a winning streak for the first time since 2015 when he faces Uriah Hall in a rematch at UFC 258 on February 13.

Weidman only recently returned to the win column in August when he outpointed Omari Akhmedov to snap a two-fight losing streak.

However, a loss could put his UFC career in jeopardy again, especially with the promotion recently cutting the likes of Yoel Romero and Anderson Silva and planning for as many as 60 fighters to get cut before the end of the year.

So is Weidman worried about that prospect in the future? Not particularly. However, he also wouldn’t be surprised if he did end up getting cut at some point.

“I’m not really worried about it but I wouldn’t be surprised,” Weidman told James Lynch in a recent interview. “There’s nothing that surprises me. I don’t think I’m more special than anybody where they’re just gonna go like, ‘oh, Chris Weidman’s a guy we’re just going to keep forever no matter what.’

“If I don’t prove I am a world class fighter and prove that I’m still title challenger ready, then yeah, I can hundred percent see that.”

Weidman went on to add that the UFC cutting fighters with fights left on their deal was an unprecedented move from the promotion.

And if anything, it’s only going to motivate — or put pressure — on the older and more well-paid fighters to keep winning.

“It’s unprecedented that they’re letting guys go with fights on their contract,” Weidman said. “It really does put everybody in a position if you’re in the UFC like, ‘oh crap.’ If you’re not winning right now, especially if you’re getting paid a lot of money, it looks like they’re trying to get rid of you and bring these younger guys up who they’re not paying as much money.

“It seems like they’re kind of focused on that.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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