What's next for Yoel Romero after UFC?

Yoel Romero’s is no longer part of the UFC’s roster. On Dec. 5, Romero’s manager, Malki Kawa, confirmed that Romero had parted ways with the UFC despite having three fights left on his contract with the promotion.

Romero, who is arguably one of the greatest fighters never to win a title in the UFC, is now exploring opportunities outside of the UFC. However, Bellator and PFL have already indicated that they are not interested in signing the former Olympian.

After initially being shocked by the announcement, we’re now excited by Romero’s possibility of fighting other competition outside the UFC.

But, if PFL and Bellator are out of the equation, where could Yoel Romero fight next? Patrick Auger and Drake Riggs break it down in this video.

Could Romero compete in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship? Or will he end up fighting for a promotion like KSW? We’d like to see him in RIZIN, but Drake Riggs explains why that is unlikely. What about boxing?

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Importantly, Romero is just one of 60 cuts coming before the end of the year, as Dana White recently explained in the most recent post-fight press conference.

Riggs says that Romero’s age certainly didn’t help here, but it’s a strange situation because Romero also showed that his age didn’t matter as much as it did other fighters.

Auger comments that Romero’s departure best resembles that of Anderson Silva, but Silva was genuinely more shot than Romero. He had clearly fallen off.

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