Montel Jackson vs. JP Buys predictions, odds, analysis 1

Prospect vs. prospect — Montel Jackson vs. JP Buys pits two young, up-and-comers against one another. Jackson is 29-years-old, 10-2 overall, and 4-2 in the UFC since earning a contract on Dana White’s Contender Series in 2018. He is a massive bantamweight, towering over most of his competitors at 5’10 with a lengthy 75” reach. Buys, like most bantamweights, will be the shorter man, coming in at 5’6 with a 68” reach. Buys is only 25 years old, 9-3 professionally, but is 0-1 in the UFC after earning a contract from DWCS in 2020.

Jackson vs. Buys betting odds

Jackson is a sizable favorite, currently sitting at a -600. This means Buys is nearly a 2:1 underdog at a +400 on the buyback.

  • Jackson: -600
  • Buys: +400

Jackson vs. Buys breakdown

Jackson is enormous, powerful, and, as his nickname “Quick” suggests, explosively quick. Six of his ten wins have come via knockout. Along with having great power, Jackson is also a solid wrestler who melds natural athleticism with sound technique. Athletic with technique is actually the best way to describe the top-tier prospect. He is able to explode on the feet, hunting the knockout without leaving himself vulnerable to counters. He lands 3.7 significant strikes while only absorbing 1.5. Additionally, once he closes the gap with his ramrod jab, if he doesn’t land a flurry combination, he often shoots a takedown. He averages four takedowns a fight with an impressive 77% accuracy. Jackson has all the makings of a highly-ranked fighter; the only weakness he’s shown thus far is his own takedown defense. If his opponent can work through the powerful barrage of strikes and close the gap moving forward, Jackson has given up some takedowns.

Buys will look to capitalize on that crack in Jackson’s armor. Buys showed high-end wrestling ability on DWCS, also combining explosion with technique. Once on the ground Buys knows how to finish a fight. With persistent ground and pound and a slick submission game, Buys has amassed seven finishes in his eight wins. three losses. Buys is still young, growing, and has one impressive aspect of his game. He could be a successful UFC fighter if he is able to improve on the feet just enough to be able to secure takedowns regularly.

Jackson vs. Buys prediction

Unfortunately for Buys, I don’t think he has grown enough on the feet since his last fight to implement his game plan. It is possible that Jackson makes a mistake that will open the door to Buys’ strength and Jackson’s weakness; but, I’m not betting on that happening. I am personally very excited to see what Jackson can do against ranked opponents, I think he could be special. In this fight, I see Jackson using his edge in reach, power, and striking technique to get a finish.

Prediction: Jackson inside the distance

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