Jan Blachowicz readies backstage before UFC event

UFC light heavyweight champion Jan Blachowicz believes size will play a key factor should Jon Jones ever face Israel Adesanya.

Before Jones vacated his light heavyweight title, there was rampant talk of a super fight between him and middleweight king Israel Adesanya. If it were to happen, most believe it would be a light heavyweight bout, if not a catchweight.

For now, though, that doesn’t seem likely anytime soon with Jones now preparing to make his heavyweight debut. However, that hasn’t stopped debates among fans as to who would win that potential super fight. Would Adesanya’s superior striking be the difference? Or would Jones and his size and experience triumph?

Blachowicz — who won the vacant 205-pound belt by TKOing Dominick Reyes at UFC 253 last month — sides with Jones as he believes Adesanya will really feel the difference in power when he eventually moves up.

“I think Jones because he is bigger than Adesanya,” Blachowicz told SCMP MMA. “He is not a 205er. He will feel the 205 power when he moves to 205. I think that Jones beats him. You never know, it’s a fight. But I would put my money on Jones in this fight.”

As for how Jones wins, Blachowicz didn’t seem too confident of a finish as he believes fighters have caught up to him.

However, he still expects “Bones” to come away with the decision over Adesanya.

“I think Jon Jones, everybody knows what he does,” Blachowicz added. “Everyone has [caught] his level. Maybe not everybody but we, me or Dominick can catch his level. So I believe he will beat Adesanya by decision.”

As for Blachowicz himself? He believes he can beat both Jones and Adesanya.

You can watch the full interview below:

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