Eryk Anders vs. Andre Muniz Prediction: UFC 269 fight breakdown, betting odds 1

Hard-hitting and big-bodied Eryk Anders, holding a 14-5 professional record, is set to fight the athletic submission artist, the #15 ranked and 21-4 professional, Andre Muniz. Each man is in the prime of their career and is ready to continue their ascension up the talented Middleweight division. The clash of brute force meeting finesse skill makes for a very interesting and exciting matchup.

Anders vs. Muniz betting odds

Muniz is a short favorite -140 with an implied win rate of 58% against Anders who comes back at a +120.

  • Anders: +105
  • Muniz: -135

Anders vs. Muniz breakdown

Anders is a UFC veteran whose fighting style resembles that of his former collegiate football days at the University of Alabama, whereby he throws a big overhand into a double leg “tackle”. Someone with his natural strength, a propensity to land the left hand out of the southpaw stance, and continual double-leg takedown shots are attributes befitting that of a fighter that entered the UFC with much optimism. Sadly, over his long-tenured career in the UFC – 6-5-1 in the promotion – the perceived explosive-type fighter is far more of an overhand into a clinch guy compared to an electrifying finisher. To Anders’ credit, however, he has had some success finishing his opponents, as 3 of his 5 UFC wins have come via TKO/KO. The issue is that of those 3 finishes, all of which occurred within the past 4 years, none of those opponents are currently part of the UFC. When Anders fights established UFC fighters, he has a difficult time landing his powerful left hand, leaving him to fall back on his secondary tactic of shooting a double leg that lands at a 32% clip. If Anders finds the left is not landing against Muniz, and he shoots for the double leg, he will find himself extremely vulnerable to the severe submission threat of his opponent.

Muniz surmounted himself as one of the top BJJ submission specialists inside the UFC with his most recent submission win over multiple-time World Jiu-Jitsu Champion and 4th degree BJJ black belt, Ronald Souza. Up until that fight, Souza was never submitted in his 35 fight professional career. In Souza’s 36th fight, Muniz submitted him quite easily in round 1 which was impressive to say the least. His clear advantage on the mat accompanied by athletic movement on the feet and the ability to get the fight to the mat from an offensive takedown shot, results in Muniz being a legitimate prospect with a high ceiling in the Middleweight division. The deciding factor that will determine the extent Muniz can climb the division is his growth in striking acumen, as he currently lands at a slender 2.16 strikes per minute clip. His fluid movement on the feet mixed with the severe ground threat should open up opportunities to land strikes at an efficient and damaging rate; if achieved, Muniz will be an extremely complex matchup for any lower-ranked fighter in the UFC and a severe problem for any non-ranked opponent, Anders being one.

Anders vs. Muniz prediction

Anders’ best chance to win this fight is early in the first round, where he is still fresh and powerful to finish Muniz with a left hand. As the fight progresses, Muniz should begin to be presented with several opportunities to successfully submit Anders. Whether it be from a lackluster takedown attempt by Anders where he leaves his neck vulnerable or a takedown in his own regard against the heavy-bodied Anders, Muniz should be able to throw up a submission threat, if done, Muniz will not fail to finish the opportunity.

Bet: Muniz

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