Charles Jourdain vs. Andre Ewell prediction, betting odds 1

Charles “Air” Jourdain, 26, is 11-4 as a professional and 2-3-1 in the UFC. His two wins have been by knockout, two of his three losses have come by decision, and his most recent fight was a submission loss. Andre Ewell, 33, is 17-8 as a pro and 4-4 in the UFC. He is currently on a two-fight losing streak with one decision and one knockout loss.

Charles Jourdain vs. Andre Ewell betting odds

Jourdain is a respectable favorite over Ewell who enters the octagon at plus money.

  • Jourdain: -200
  • Ewell: +160

Jourdain vs. Ewell fight breakdown

Both Jourdain and Ewell look talented at times but have significant gaps in their games that have limited their ceilings. Jourdain is a young, twitchy, and crisp striker with some real pop. “Air” mixes in solid calf kicks that keep his opponent at range where he can often land a technical and powerful combination. His style, a combination of volume, speed, and strike-for-strike exchanges makes Jourdain a fan-favorite, but lack of striking and takedown defense have caused him to have a losing record in the UFC. When he is on, Jourdain brings energy to the octagon, pushes a pace early, and enters the pocket looking to turn the lights out. However, he has lost consistently to fighters who can match his output or take him down. When his pressure is faced with pressure, Jourdain’s lack of defense can cause him to lose close decisions. Further, when his striking heavy approach matches up against a willing grappler, Jourdain struggles to keep the fight on the feet. Because of his style and natural skills, Jourdain’s fights can be exciting brawls where he wins emphatically or loses to pressure. The key to his success is overwhelming his opponent and keeping the fight standing.

A solid athlete with technical and fundamental boxing, Ewell is also a fighter who prefers the fight to stay on the feet. He often has the edge in hand speed and boxing IQ. This allows him to stay at range, stick and move, and cut angles before his opponent can return. At range, Ewell has shown an ability to dictate the pace and location of the fight where he can wear his opponent down for decision wins. His biggest issue, though, is he does not respond well to pressure and can get finished or gas out against fighters who are willing to eat a shot at range to enter the pocket. Even in his wins, both split decision victories, Ewell gassed out in the late second, his opponent closed the distance and Ewell struggled later in the fight. Ewell’s lack of power in tight and cardio to keep a pace at range causes him to struggle when the fight gets into deep waters.

Jourdain vs. Ewell prediction

Normally, Jourdain has to overcome someone looking to take him down. But, since both fighters want to stand and trade, Jourdain should have a significant edge in this fight. His willingness and cardio to pressure forward should be enough to expose Ewell’s deficiencies.

Prediction: Jourdain by late finish or decision

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