Michel Pereira gave another amazingly acrobatic performance at ROAD FC against Kim Dae-Sung

The MMA world may not be ready for Michel Pereira.

Brazil’s mad ninja, Pereira continued his spectacular run through the world scene with another incredible showing in the main card opener at ROAD FC 52.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the 198-pound Pereira accomplished in his two-round fight with heavyweight opponent Dae Sung Kim (4-6):

  • A 15-second long breakdancing spin during pre-fight introductions
  • An illegal backflip head stomp that landed on Kim’s face and briefly paused the action
  • A spin kick vaguely reminiscent of Johnny Walker’s recent KO of Justin Ledet
  • A would-be Showtime flying ground punch that got tangled up in Kim’s feet
  • A dubiously legal moonsault off the cage that almost turned into a slapping hammerfist
  • A vicious straight kick to the face with Kim pinned against the cage
  • A nicely timed takedown when Kim tagged him late in round 1
  • A plain old vicious knee-to-the-face for the round 2 KO

Michel Pereira’s ROAD FC 52 Highlight Reel



Michel Pereira’s Greatest Hits




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