Remembering Kid Yamamoto

With the suddenness of a meteor strike, a death has sent the MMA world reeling; Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto has passed. Mere weeks ago, Yamamoto announced his cancer diagnosis and his intention to fight it. But cancer never fights fair, and it…

From WSOF to PFL: The journey of Professional Fighters League

When the World Series of Fighting (WSOF) launched in 2012, it looked to be a reasonable alternative to the promotional monster that the UFC had become. This new promotion wasn’t planning to just exist in the industry; they had aspirations to…

The best submission ever? A look back at Toby Imada’s inverse triangle choke vs. Jorge Masvidal

The problem with choosing the “best” submission is that each has mitigating factors. Ryo Chonan’s flying heel hook on Anderson Silva comes to mind, but it was a fluke. Not lucky, but a fluke in that Silva would never fall for…

Here’s why All-Rounder Meguru is must-read MMA manga

If you’re okay reading right to left and going out of your way to find it, All-Rounder Meguru is an MMA fan’s hidden treasure.

Jimmy Crute discusses Contender Series bout, war with Doo Hwan Kim, and plans to ‘drown’ Chris Birchler

With a call-up to Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, Jim “The Brute” Crute is now just one spectacular finish away from joining the UFC.

Was the CM Punk experiment a success?

At a time where there are many long-term fans turning away from the UFC’s product for a host of reasons, the bad press gained from this situation has come at a terrible time for the promotion.

Stop calling Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm the greatest upset in UFC history

There’s a hard rule in sports fandom: if your favorite isn’t playing/fighting, you cheer for the underdog. The best underdogs are the ones who, statistically, shouldn’t have a chance. The ones expected to put on a good show and leave on…

Athletic Commissions: The case for an improved commissions structure for mixed martial arts

Today, more often than not, an MMA event seems to lead to a debate about the competency of the responsible athletic commission. Controversy after controversy has made MMA fans and fighters alike rethink what the role of the government should…

Who are the 5 greatest Japanese MMA fighters of all-time?

In MMA terms, Japan is a cradle of civilization. Co-evolving alongside Brazilian grappling, it was responsible for the first big-money MMA events. All-time greats like Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, Fedor Emelianenko, and Mirko Cro Cop forged their legacies as the fledgling…

MMA Guide: What is a TKO / Technical Knockout?

Have you ever watched a fight get stopped and wondered why your friends were cheering or booing? Were you curious as to why it was stopped even though the fighter was conscious? Worry no more, we’re here to talk about…


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