Professional boxers Deontay Wilder (L) and Tyson Fury speak onstage during their press conference

The rematch is official.

Tyson Fury will once again challenge for Deontay Wilder’s WBC heavyweight title when they meet for the second time on February 22 in Las Vegas.

The first fight last year saw Fury largely outbox Wilder for the majority of the 12 rounds. The American was able to knock Fury down twice in the fight, but many in the combat sports world still felt the latter had done more than enough to win the decision.

In the end, it was a controversial split decision draw.

This time, both parties will be looking for a more definitive ending and it’s even more so the case for Fury. In fact, the Briton wants to make Wilder give up during the fight as he plans on remaining untouched in the rematch.

“He’s happy to lose every single round on the way to knocking someone out,” Fury said in Top Rank’s “Real Time” digital documentary series. “It’s like a competition isn’t it? If you can lose every round and knock the guy out.

“He ain’t going to touch me this time. I’m going to make him say ‘no mas.’ Wilder will say ‘no mas’ in this fight when he can’t land on me and I make him look like a right idiot.”

Being the promoter that he is, Fury built up the rematch by calling it the greatest fight of the current era. However, as has been the case on most occasions, he feels the boxer will come out on top against the puncher.

“Looking back at all the great fights, this is the greatest fight of our era by far,” he added. “You got two undefeated world champions. Six foot nine versus Six foot seven. A Brit versus an American. A talker versus a talker. An entertainer versus an entertainer. A pure boxer versus a pure puncher.

“This is the clash of styles. I was looking back at all the great fights of the generations and the great boxer always beat the great puncher.”

No matter what the result will be, there is bound to be a trilogy fight given the reports of both fighters having rematch clauses.

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