Michael 'Venom' Page makes the walk to the cage at Bellator 221

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  1. And there goes any respect I had for him. It’s not because you’re black, dude. It’s because you’ve only fought mostly nobodies or guys past their prime in Bellator and steamrolled them. Same with AJ McKay, although he has a chance to do what you couldn’t and win a tournament to get his name out there. Daley completely exposed your one dimensional game and if he’d been a more competent wrestler you wouldn’t have even been in that tournament long enough to get KO’d by Lima. The only reason Aaron Pico is so well known is because he was probably the most hyped up pre-professional debut fighter in MMA history and he got tapped out in his first fight in freaking MSG. Everyone wanted to see how he came back from that, if at all, because there’s nothing the public loves more than to see an upset and/or an “overhyped” person fail and/or a comeback story; all three of those things Pico delivered.