Michael "Venom" Page in Bellator

Michael “Venom” Page, the newest addition to the UFC roster, has called for a significant change in the world of mixed martial arts: fining fighters for offensive trash talk.

This statement comes in the wake of a controversial week in the UFC, highlighted by Colby Covington and Dricus Du Plessis’s personal verbal jabs, which have sparked a broader debate about the nature of promotion in combat sports.

In a recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Page expressed his concerns about the current state of trash talk in MMA. “It’s about respect at the end of the day,” Page stated.

“We’re fighters, yes, but there’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed. When you start bringing in family tragedies, personal issues… that’s not promoting a fight, that’s just being disrespectful.”

The recent UFC 296 press conference, where Covington made distasteful remarks about Edwards’ late father, exemplifies the kind of behavior Page criticizes.

“You can’t use someone’s personal pain for entertainment. That’s not what this sport is about,” he added, echoing the sentiments of many in the MMA community.

Page’s proposal for fines is a direct response to these incidents. “There should be consequences,” he argued. “Fine them, make them think twice before saying something that crosses the line. We need to set a standard.”

Turning to his upcoming debut, Page expressed excitement about joining the UFC ranks and facing Holland. “It’s a great matchup, and I’m here to show the UFC fans what ‘Venom’ is all about,” he said with his trademark confidence. “Expect fireworks, as always.”

Page’s entry into the UFC is not just about his in-cage skills but also his perspective on the sport’s culture. As he prepares to showcase his talents against Holland, his call for a more respectful approach to fight promotion is a reminder of the responsibilities athletes carry as public figures.

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