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UFC still targeting Covington vs. Masvidal in 2021

UFC still targeting Covington vs. Masvidal in 2021

Dana White still thinks that the best next opponent for Jorge Masvidal is Colby Covington.

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On Tuesday, during a Q&A session on ESPN+, White responded to a fan asking who is next for Masvidal.

“Well, the fight that we love and that I think everybody loves is the Colby Covington fight,” White said. “I think that’s the fight that everybody wants to see.”

The UFC has seemingly been working on putting together Covington vs. Masvidal for months now and we’ve rarely heard updates from Masvidal or the UFC regarding the fight.

However, Covington has been vocal about it.

Speaking to Submission Radio last month, Covington said that he’s been “on board” with the fight for over two months now, but he’s just waiting on Masvidal.

“Where’s he [Masvidal] at now?” Covington said. “Now you haven’t heard a peep out of him. He’s completely silent. I think it’s going to show the fans the truth, and he’s gonna lose all that street cred.”

In a video posted to The Body Lock’s YouTube channel, Patrick Auger and Drake Riggs discuss White’s recent comments and share their opinions on the fight.

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