UFC bullied Leon Edwards into accepting Khamzat Chimaev fight and it could backfire

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  1. I think STFU and fight. Sometimes they let the business aspect get too involved. In all fairness- both the fighters and UFC suits get caught up in it, but at the end of the day- you’re paid to fight and chose it as your career. Like everything else, you can do, or not do whatever you want, as long as you’re willing to pay the consequences. Leon Edwards doesn’t have to work for the UFC at all, and Khamazat’s been wanting to fight anybody and everybody. Now he got himself a fight. If he is worried about killing his hype- he shouldn’t have been so cocky. And if someone else is worried about the career ramifications if he loses- don’t. Khamzat and Edwards aren’t worried about your problems. They’re adults, let them fight. I’m watching it.

  2. Look, the bottom line is that the UFC is not gong to become Boxing. Where you can Choose to not fight someone. Its a two way street.

    Khazmat is electing to fight a guy who is one step from champion -a RISK that he honestly doesn’t have to take. He could take a lesser fighter, destroy him and grow the hype train.

    Leon should look at this as an opportunity. He kayos Khazmat I guarantee you Dana will get him a title shot.

    The bottom line is Dana is looking out for the UFC. Khazmat is the draw. BUT with that said, if you kick ass in the UFC, Dana is a fair person. He will reward your loyalty, and help and ability and get you in place for riches. no one cared about Leon Edwards…he beats Khazmat, they will.

    Oh my prediction – Khazmat will SMESH.