PFL champion Kayla Harrison to fight at Invicta FC 43 1

PFL champion Kayla Harrison will get to fight sooner than the PFL’s return in March 2021.

Harrison will compete against Courtney King at Invicta FC 43 on November 20 in Kansas City, Kansas. PFL announced the news and also shared that Harrison would be dropping down to featherweight (145 pounds) for the fight.

It’s a temporary move that will enable Harrison to step into the cage at least once in 2020 after the PFL season was shut down due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Here’s how Patrick Auger and Matthew Wells reacted to the news.

Wells says it’s good news for Kayla Harrison because she obviously needed a fight. He can sense how frustrating it must be for the PFL athletes this year considering other major promotions are still hosting events amid the pandemic.

Auger adds that PFL’s structure has hurt them this year, more than anything. While the UFC has been able to run bubbles and host events in Fight Island, the PFL tournament structure has made it very challenging for the promotion to continue this year.

Auger also raises an interesting point regarding what if Harrison loses to King. King is just 4-1 as a mixed martial artist and we expect Harrison to comfortably win at Invicta FC 43, but a loss would do “irreparable damage to the PFL,” Auger says.

Wells disagrees that the damage would be significant. He says that the promotion could raise the point that it’s Harrison’s first time stepping down to 145 pounds, for example.

But Auger and Wells are expecting Harrison to dominate, anyway.

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