Is it time for the UFC to move on from Joe Rogan? 1

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  1. Didn’t I tell you to mind your own business? Unless you can do it better stfu kid. Literally no one cares what you think. And you honestly think Rogan doesn’t know the sport? You are delusional.

  2. For real this is one of those “articles” where you just feel dumber for reading it. No actual facts. Personal opinion posing as something factual for the sake of clicks. At least try to hide the fact your yearning for attention next time

  3. Whoever wrote this article seems more like a jealous high school girl stirring up drama through gossip than a journalist digging up the truth through research

  4. Very suspect article. I don’t think anyone actually thinks the UFC should move on from Rogan. He’s the best, most knowledgeable broadcaster in mma. Seems like click-bait that of course, I clicked on.

  5. You mad bro?

    Know what the MMA world needs?

    Not a God damned thing from a beta like you. Joe will have a glass of your salty tears.

  6. Article is just trying to get clicks by mocking Rogan cus he’s popular. Hey enjoy it cus your site is going on my blocked list for dumb clickbait. Rogan follows MMA religiously and you’ve said far more inaccurate things in one article then his whole career.

  7. Who is this Jake Nichols retard? He don’t know shit about what he’s talking about. Joe Rogan is a Boss Sir! And you should be unemployed, lol.

  8. Hell to the no, he loves the sport and has passion invested in that love for the art form that martial arts is. There is no one that can fill his shoes, just like Bruce Buffer, no one can fill them shoes. Absolutely no way.

  9. Yep this is what passes for news nowadays. No facts. Just lazy, opinionated drivel. When I see “news” like this, I just adjust my Google settings to never again show articles from this source. Soon, rags like this will realize that worthless click bait crap like this actually hurts them in the long run. Business is a marathon, not a sprint. They’re sacrificing their entire future for a few quick and easy clicks right now.

  10. I enjoy hearing Joe Rogan. I was too busy watching the fights to hyperanalyze the commentary.

    To me the lack of his voice at every show adds a big fight feel to the shows where he is present. I hope he doesn’t go anywhere any time soon.

      1. lol, yeah right. Cody Garbrant outsmarted him no problem. Watch his commentary on the Khabib/Mcgregor fight and tell me about his high fight IQ. “He’s just resting.” As Khabib smashes his face, lol.

  11. If you’re not a fan of Rogan, that’s fine. I’m not a huge followers but this is the lamest video. They talk about ONE fight, Edgar vs Holloway, and the example was the terrible. Edgar did get a takedown, and Holloway wasn’t damaging him in the 3rd as the previous rounds. I’ll take Rogan over those 2 guys anyway. Rogan lives MMA and has for years, still trains. These guys have ZERO clue going off this video. You make a statement, at least back it up.