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Is it time for the UFC to move on from Joe Rogan?

Is it time for the UFC to move on from Joe Rogan?

Video description (watch video here):

One important story coming out of UFC 256 last weekend was Joe Rogan’s “awful” commentary. Fans and media criticized Rogan for “extreme bias” and inaccurate commentary. In particular, many fans were surprised by how one-sided the commentary was during the main event.

So, what’s the problem with Joe Rogan’s commentary nowadays? What went wrong for the guy who has been a longtime staple of UFC pay-per-view events?

In this video, Patrick Auger and Drake Riggs discuss those details and ultimately share their verdict on whether it’s time for the UFC to move on from Joe Rogan’s commentary.

Riggs says that it’s “1000 percent time for him to move on.” He believes Rogan is great on commentary for entertainment value because we’re either enjoying him or laughing at him. Previously, it was just Rogan and Mike Goldberg commentating on every event, which enabled Rogan to keep up with every UFC event. But now, it’s clear that Rogan doesn’t pay nearly as much attention to MMA. He rarely commentates on events (only US-based PPV events), and it’s easy to see the lack of knowledge. Riggs says we don’t need him anymore. He should provide his own commentary on his own (massive) platform. No one wants to be forced to hear him, but unfortunately, the UFC will not tell him to leave, either.

Auger agrees and says that it doesn’t matter if it’s his time to go or not because it’s not going to be the UFC’s decision anyway. The UFC won’t do to Rogan what they did to Goldberg because Rogan is too valuable considering his reputation. Auger estimates that Rogan will stick around for another couple of years and predicts that when Dana White leaves the UFC, that’s when Rogan will definitely leave, too.

It’s time for Rogan to either give up commentating or get that enthusiasm back.

Riggs believes that the combinations are at fault, too. When Rogan is paired with Daniel Cormier, it turns into a crazy, podcast-style commentary booth. But Dominick Cruz will typically correct Rogan when he hears a mistake and won’t often be dragged into the “OOOOOH” style of commentary.

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