Dustin Poirier says fight with Tony Ferguson isn't happening - what happens now? 1

Yesterday, Dustin Poirier informed ESPN that he won’t be fighting Tony Ferguson at UFC 254.

Poirier claimed that he and the UFC didn’t come to terms. “I just need to be compensated if they want this fight,” he said. “Simple as that. I’m a prize fighter and the prize needs to be right.”

During the most recent episode of The Fight Business Podcast, host Patrick Auger explained the finer details of what may be happening behind the scenes here.

Auger is quick to explain that this feels like classic UFC negotiation tactics and that, unfortunately, Dustin Poirier is in no position to bargain for better terms at this time. Jon Jones and many other fighters have gone through the exact same situation that Poirier is currently experiencing. It’s a shame because Poirier is well-respected by hardcore fans and has been apart of many of the most exciting fights in recent years, but until he gains more leverage, he’ll be unable to bargain with the UFC.

Ultimately, Auger now expects Poirier to sit on the sidelines for a while now because he has no leverage at this time.

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