Anthony Pettis joins PFL lightweight division 1

On Tuesday, Anthony Pettis announced that he was leaving the UFC and would be looking to continue his career elsewhere. Pettis reflected on his nine years with the UFC in a letter posted on social media.

In this video, Patrick Auger and Drake Riggs react to the news of Pettis entering free agency and share their opinions on where and who he’ll be fighting next.

Riggs says it’s exciting to see fighters, like Pettis, move to another promotion with some steam left in the tank. There are lots of fun fights for him outside of the UFC.

Auger agrees but states that Pettis’ best days are over. He has a 6-8 record after losing his UFC title and Auger believes that the many fights took a significant toll on his body over the years.

Which promotion will Anthony Pettis sign with?

Riggs says it would be surprising if he doesn’t end up in Bellator. ONE Championship would be fun, RIZIN would be incredibly fun, but says that neither will happen due to these promotions shutting out international fighters due to the coronavirus.

Auger is betting Bellator. He doesn’t see ONE having the financial means to sign Pettis, but sees PFL as a potential landing spot for Pettis, as well.

Who do we want to see Anthony Pettis fight?

Riggs believes Bellator will get the Pettis vs. Benson Henderson trilogy done. He knows Benson isn’t the same anymore but that fight just sets itself up. But here’s another great idea, how about MVP? Let’s quit messing around with MVP and get him in there with Pettis.

Auger agrees and would expect that to be a flashy and stylistically perfect fight for as long as it lasts.

Watch the video above for more potential fight ideas for Anthony Pettis now that he is a free agent.

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