Titan FC 52: Live Results and Play by Play 1

Titan FC 52 takes place at Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and airs on UFC Fight Pass. It features two title fights, including the main event clash between featherweight champion, Jason Soares, and upstart contender, Caio Uruguai.

Here are the live results, accompanied by play by play.

Raymond Ramos (3-3) defeats Alberto Blas (1-3) via Submission in Round One

Blas begins the round in control, pressuring his opponent and landing a quick trip takedown. He secures top position but fails to advance beyond Ramos’ guard. The two get back to the feet, and Ramos is able to reverse the clinch to back Blas against the cage.

Blas fires back, scoring another trip takedown. This time, Blas is able to work his way to better positions, even scrambling to Ramos’ back. Blas threatens with a rear-naked choke, but Ramos is able to escape, landing Blas in side control.

From side mount, Blas begins to get aggressive, opening up with strikes. Ramos counters with a series of upkicks, one of which opens up a triangle choke. Ramos secures the choke, and the tap, to end round one.

Raymond Ramos def. Alberto Blas via first-round submission.


Muhammadjon Naimov (2-0) defeats Harrison Melendez (1-5) via TKO (Retirement) in Round One

Naimov opens with a strong leg kick and establishes control in the center of the cage. Naimov clinches Melendez against the cage and lands a trip. He secures top position, finding himself in the closed guard of Melendez. Melendez wraps up the arms and upper torso of Naimov, preventing him from posturing. The pair is stuck against the cage, and Niamov begins raining down powerful strikes from within Melendez’s guard.

Melendez opens the guard to attack with a triangle, but instead fins himself mounted. Naimov begins to tee off from the mount, forcing Melendez to give up his back. Melendez is able to work back to his feet, and Naimov exits the clinch with a well-timed head kick, but it was deflected.

The round ends with a missed “Showtime Kick” attempt from Naimov.

Oddly, the bout is called for Naimov as a TKO, with Melendez unable to answer the second-round bell.

Muhammadjon Naimov defeats Harrison Melendez via first-round Retirement.


Jaime Alvarez (8-1) def. Jorge Calvo Martin (10-4) via KO in Round Two

Martin opens aggressively, throwing a series of combinations. Alvarez, calm and collected in the pocket, looks to fire back with an overhand right. Martin’s jab begins to have a visible effect, turning Alvarez’s nose red.

Martin mixes his strikes well, landing to the head and body of Alvarez. Alvarez storms back, appearing to stun Martin with a flurry. The pair clinch, but separate. Alvarez continues to look for the right overhand, but Martin is able to level change for a quick takedown. Alvarez gets back to his feet immediately, and the pair separate.

Alvarez begins to fire off leg kicks, one of which spins Martin. Both men stand and trade for the remainder of the round, exchanging a high-five and acknowledgment of respect at the end of the round.

The second round opens much like the first, with both flyweights exchanging. Martin dops Alvarez and immediately follows him to the mat. Martin scrambles to the back of Alvarez, but Alvarez is able to get to his feet, shaking Martin off.

The two continue to stand and trade, with Martin seemingly getting the better of the exchanges, but not by much. Alvarez lands two vicious leg kicks, but Martin bloodies the face of Alvarez with a series of clean hooks.

The round ends at the buzzer, as Alvarez drops and stops Martin in what was likely a come-from-behind knockout win.

Post-fight, Alvarez tells UFC title challenger and Titan FC commentator, Kamaru Usman, he wants a bid for the UFC.

Jaime Alvarez defeats Jorge Calvo Martin via second-round knockout.

Hugo Cunha (4-0) def. Marino Eatman (4-2) via TKO in Round Two

The two heavyweights feel one another out for a moment, but Eatman quickly shoots in for a takedown against the Brazilian Cunha.

A long clinch against the cage ensues, but Eatman finally relents. The two meet in the center of the cage, and an Eatman leg kick drops Cunha. Another clinch ensues, as the two heavyweight giants jockey for position against the cage.

Cunha backs Eatman into a corner, throwing heavy punches with reckless abandon, but Eatman is able to, again, secure a clinch. The round ends in the clinch.

The second round starts much livelier than the first, with Cunha pushing the pace with a flurry of strikes. Eatman, defending, initiates the clinch. A knee from Cunha in the clinch appears to land low, with Eatman falling to the mat and a pause in the action following.

Cunha level changes for a single-leg once the action resumes, and takes half-guard, quickly landing a barrage of strikes. Eatman gives up his back, and Cunha continues to rain down punches. Eatman searches for a single-leg, but Cunha moves to side control, then back position – never ceasing to land punches –  leading to a stoppage from the referee.

While the strikes were not enough to stop the fight, Eatman was not defending himself against the seemingly endless stream of them.

Hugo Cunha remains undefeated, defeating Eatman via second-round TKO.


Luis Gomez (7-2) def. Ramon Martinez (9-7) via TKO in Round One

The round begins with both fighters testing their ranges, but Romez quickly takes the fight to the mat. He begins to work in Martinez’s open guard, but the Dominican Republic native is able to scramble to his feet. A clinch ensues, and after a spat of jockeying for position, the two are separated.

Martinez lands a hard body kick, prompting a hip toss from Gomez. Gomez’s toss accidentally causes Martinez to take his back, but Gomez reverses position to take Martinez’s back.

Landing unanswered punches, Gomez earns a stoppage in the first, potentially opening the door to another chance at the Titan FC featherweight title he once held.

Luis Gomez defeats Ramon Martinez via first-round TKO.


Cristhian Torres (14-9) def. Djorden Santos (5-1) via Unanimous Decision

The first round starts with both fighters throwing heavy blows, and the two briefly hit the canvas. Torres lands upstairs with a nice left, but that doesn’t deter Santos’ forward motion. A cut over the right eye of Torres opens up, and it may impair his vision.

Santos shoots in for a double-leg, but Torres defends. Torres continues to land on Santos, but Santos is undeterred. Santos scores a big takedown and begins to work from top position. Santos [asses to side control, but Torres is able to scramble up.

The two exchange on the feet, taking turns leading the action to end the round.

In between rounds, the doctor checks Torres’ eyebrow, which sustained the cut. The doctor clears Torres, and the action resumes.

Torres lands a clean combination and attempts a body lock. They separate, and Santos shoots in for a double-leg. Torres defends, and the two reset in the center of the cage.

Torres lands a kick to the body, and Santos again attempts a takedown. A clinch against the cage follows. and the round ends.

Round three kicks off and Torres again throws the left overhand. Santos is able to briefly take Torres down and uses the position to get to Torres’ back, but to no avail. The two stand and clinch, with Santos pressing Torres against the cage. Torres attempts a trip, and they separate.

Torres is able to get Santos down for a moment with a toss, but the two scramble up. Torres lands a heavy right, but Santos shakes it off. Again, they clinch. T0rres lands a head kick off of the break, but it’s just blocked. Santos stalks Torres, who in turn shoots for a takedown. Santos defends, and another clinch ensues.

The fight goes the distance. All three judges score the fight 30-27 for Cristhian Torres, who wins by unanimous decision.

Cristhian Torres defeats Djorden Santos by unanimous decision.


Leandro Silva (23-7-1) def. Tilek Mashrapov (9-3) via TKO in the Second Round

Mashrapov lands first, connecting with a right hand, but Silva has a decisive experience advantage. Silva feints, and throws a hard left kick to the body, which he follows up with a teep. Silva changes levels for a double-leg, but Mashrapov is able to defend.

Silva again attacks the body, forcing Mashrapov to whiff on his counter right hand. Silva throws a spinning kick to the lead leg of Mashrapov, which Mashrapov counters with a leg kick, and body kick, of his own.

Mashrapov shoots in on a takedown, switching from double to single to double leg attempts. Silva defends and exits the subsequent clinch.

The round ends with Mashrapov holding Silva against the cage.

Mashrapov starts the second round strong, pressing forward and throwing leather. Silva, propped up against the cage, does his best Anderson Silva (vs. Stephan Bonnar) impression, taunting Mashrapov despite being hit with several strikes.

Mashrapov blitzes forward, seemingly rocking Silva against the fence, but Silva shakes off the attack after the flurry subsides. However, a cut opened up over his right eye. Silva counters with another high kick, but it’s blocked.

Silva begins a clinch, and the two separate. Silva connects with a brutal knee on the break, stunning Mashrapov. Sensing blood, Silva stormed forward, finishing Mashrapov standing with a series of unrelenting punches.

Leandro Silva defeats Tilek Mashrapov via second-round TKO.


Gustavo Balart (8-1) def. Wascar Cruz (9-6) via TKO in Round One

There is a lengthy layoff in the action due to technical difficulties, which saw the lights and audio cut off in the arena. Gustavo Balart doesn’t like waiting.

Once the action finally began, Balart ends the fight in mere moments, dropping and finishing Cruz in just twenty seconds. The explosive flyweight does it again!

Gustavo Balart defeats Wascar Cruz via first-round knockout.


Rudson Caliocane (7-1) defeats Edir Terry (6-3) via Unanimous Decision

Terry says no to a glove touch, and round one begins with a feeling out process. The two exchange combinations, of which they are typically just out of reach. A huge overhand right by Terry misses, and a brief clinch occurs. An inside leg kick by Terry momentarily drops Caliocane, but he regains his footing.

Caliocane fired back with a hard kick to the body. Terry circles and lands a hard right, drawing a cheer from the crowd. Caliocane begins to pick up the frequency of his leg kicks, and Terry, in turn, tries to feint and counter.

The round ends with Terry blitzing forward, landing elbows in the clinch.

The second round sees a much more aggressive Caliocane, who leads the action until he takes a shot to the groin via a kick that strayed high from Terry. As the action resumes, Terry takes an eye poke, which does not stop the action.

Terry lands a hard right hand but misses with a follow-up high kick. The pair clinches along the fence, with Terry securing a body lock. Caliocane reverses position, but Terry lands a big elbow on the break. Threfereeee stops the action to bring in the doctor to examine Caliocane, but the fight continues.

Caliocane lands several strikes in succession as the round ends. There is no love lost between these two.

Round three sees both men show success on the feet early, switching stances and connecting with punches and leg kicks. Terry initiates a clinch and looks for a takedown. Caliocane defends, and they remain in the clinch.

Caliocane reverses and scores a big takedown, but they quickly return to their feet to clinch. Once the clinch separates, the striking chess match continues. Caliocane’s takedown attempt is thwarted, but he remains relentless by pursuing the clinch.

Caliocane lands a high kick, prompting a cartwheel kick attempt from Terry, which leads to a mad scramble to end the round.

Championship rounds kick off in the fourth, as Caliocane snaps Terry’s head back with the jab. Caliocane lands a clean 1-2, putting Terry on the defensive. Terry returns fire with a blocked wheel kick, then shooting in for – and securing – a takedown.

After getting to their feet, Caliocane is able to take down Terry, taking Terry’s back and alternating between choke attempts and strikes. Caliocane briefly looked for a belly-down armbar but reverted to the back.

The round ends with Caliocane on Terry’s back, and the fight comes down to the final round.

The fifth round sees both men tired, yet still quick and technical. Caliocane shoots in on a single-leg, and the two are thrown to the mat. Terry looked to have an armbar set up, but Caliocane escaped. The two reset, but Terry clinched in a bid for the better position.

Caliocane lands a big elbow on the break, to which Terry answers with a nice right hand. The round expires with Caliocane shooting in for a takedown, and the fight goes to the scorecards.

In an incredible fight, Rudson Caliocane is the new Titan FC bantamweight champion via unanimous decision, with the judges scoring the fight 49-46, 48-47, 49-46, respectively.

Rudson Caliocane defeats Edir Terry via unanimous decision, 49-46, 48-47, 49-46.


Jason Soares (12-0) def. Caio Uruguai (7-2) via KO in Round One

Soares bull rushes with two large punches, which he follows with a takedown attempt, to start the round. Soares slams Uruguai, quickly moving to top position. Soares, in half-guard, moves to the back of Uruhuai, who is able to get to his feet. Soares lands a series of knees to the legs of Uruguai, whom he subsequently takes down again.

Again in half-guard, Soares floats his hips and attacks with a guillotine choke as Uruguai moves to top position. After an extended time fighting the choke, Uruguai escapes. The two stand and Soares shoots in for another takedown, creating a clinch.

A leg kick took the legs out from Uruguai, and Soares followed up with a vicious uppercut. He then landed several brutal blows to Uruguai, who was already unconscious. Uruguai’s corner is furious.

Jason Soares defeats Caio Uruguai via first-round KO.


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