Myles Jury (L) is taken down by Donald Cerrone in a lightweight fight during UFC 182

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  1. You’d think one of those prize wieners would quit sniffing eachothers backsides, and gentlemen up and ask for the privilege of fighting Cowboy, who has totaled the most wins in UFC history. Win or lose wouldn’t you want that bout if your always spouting off about how GOATie you are. Okay short rant over.
    I enjoyed the hell out of his last fight with Perry, I even found some new found respect for Mike Perry as he looked over at Cowboy holding his son while getting his hand raised. I think Perry had some respectful humility oozing out that arm(like an old Stretch Armstrong).
    To me, it seems Cerrone, Woodley. Antony Smith a few others get no respect from the Organization at times.