Ian Garry celebrates his UFC victory (Zuffa LLC)

Undefeated rising star, Ian Garry, is set to return this weekend at UFC 292 despite a last-minute change in opponents. He now faces off against the perennial contender, Neil Magny, in what’s sure to be an entertaining bout and his first seasoned opponent in the UFC. This is coming off of an impressive knockout win against the always-game Daniel Rodriguez, setting a 60% finish rate since entering the UFC.

Magny, taking this fight on a week’s notice, is also coming off of an entertaining, if not controversial, win against Phillip Rowe in late June. It’s an important match for both fighters, with Magny being the first true veteran that Garry has stepped into the octagon with and Garry being the perfect stepping stone for Magny to climb up the welterweight top 10 once again.

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Betting Odds

Likely due to the short-notice nature of this fight, as well as the hype around Garry, Neil Magny comes into this fight as a sizable underdog.

  • Ian Garry: -500 (BetUS)
  • Neil Magny: +380 (BetUS)

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Fight Breakdown

Ian Garry’s fighting style is marked by a seamless blend of technical kickboxing and intriguing clinch work. His striking prowess is evident in his ability to create openings with precise combinations, often using his long reach to maintain distance and land clean shots. Garry’s striking strategy is not about sheer aggression, but rather about finding opportune moments to unleash powerful counters and evasive maneuvers. From inside the clinch, he perfectly uses his lanky frame to bombard his opponents with knees and hooks on the break.

However, Garry’s game becomes even more intriguing when it transitions to the ground. His previous exploits in Cage Warriors showcased his aptitude for control from the back and ground-and-pound. While his UFC career has predominantly seen him on his feet, his grappling proficiency remains an uncharted territory that could surprise Magny.

Neil Magny’s fighting style centers on pressure, cage control, and tactical wrestling. Magny’s striking might not be as flashy as some of his counterparts, but he effectively uses it to set up his grappling and clinch work. His ability to pressure opponents to the fence enables him to initiate clinch exchanges and tire out his foes. Once in the clinch, Magny employs his reach advantage to deliver knee strikes and positional control, often sapping the energy of his adversaries.

Cage wrestling is a cornerstone of Magny’s game plan. He utilizes his strength to grind opponents against the cage, neutralizing their striking and forcing them into his comfort zone. This tactical approach not only disrupts their rhythm but also allows him to dictate the pace of the fight.

Prediction and Betting Guide

As much as I’d like to go with Magny, I don’t see a way he wins this fight. Although he’s still inexperienced in the UFC, Garry has all the tools necessary to go the distance, if needed, and possibly end the fight early. While Magny definitely has what it takes to control Garry for some time, he seems too polished and effective off his back for Magny to do any real damage. As well as that, his previous bouts have shown the capabilities of his gas tank and just how powerful his shots are in the final rounds.

At -500, I’d be light on Garry moneyline, but betting on a KO/TKO at +100 or a decision at +200 (which is fairly more probable given Magny’s track record of being hard to put away) seem like good props to either bet individual or to help boost a small parlay.

Pick: Garry by KO/TKO +100 or Garry by Decision +200

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