UFC 276: Pedro Munhoz vs Sean O'Malley play-by-play, full fight results 1

Sean O’Malley makes his return tonight to face Pedro Munhoz in a bantamweight fight on the UFC 276 main card. O’Malley vs. Munhoz will stream live only on ESPN+ PPV.

O’Malley now has seven wins in the UFC following recent victories against Raulian Paiva, Kris Moutinho, and Thomas Almeida. Munhoz represents a tough test for the rising bantamweight contender, however, as he has shared the cage with many of the best fighters in the division’s history. Munhoz’s last wins include a knockout victory against Cody Garbrandt and a decision win over Jimmie Rivera.

Read on for all of our play-by-play updates, live results, and highlights from Pedro Munhoz vs. Sean O’Malley at UFC 276.

Pedro Munhoz vs. Sean O’Malley play-by-play

Watch the fight live now or catch the full replay only on ESPN+ PPV.

Round One

They trade leg kicks to start the fight. Munhoz is already going after O’Malley’s legs. O’Malley keeping just outside kicking range so far — he hasn’t entered boxing range. Lots of feints from O’Malley as is usual. Another calf kick from Munhoz. He’s landed more than a couple already. Front body kick from O’Malley is caught but then he comes in with a right hand that is blocked. Munhoz really working the legs. We’ll soon see if O’Malley’s legs can hold up.

Relatively patient start from O’Malley who clearly respects Munhoz’s abilities. Spinning back kick from O’Malley falls short. Munhoz returns with leg kicks. Another one. And another one. O’Malley crashes a right hand into Munhoz’s head — his best strike so far. Low blow from O’Malley causes a break with less than two minutes remaining.

O’Malley now jabbing to keep Munhoz away, who has been advancing after the reset. More leg kicks from Munhoz — he’s been targeting the calves of O’Malley. O’Malley advances now but doesn’t open up. He’s been patient but then lands a spinning back kick to the body of Munhoz. Another good strike but there haven’t been too many of them in this opening round. A good start from Munhoz who has been targeting O’Malley’s legs.

10-9 Munhoz

Round two

Munhoz goes straight back to the leg kicks but then comes high with a kick afterward. O’Malley hasn’t looked too comfortable yet in this fight — at least not compared to how he normally settles into fights. That changes rather quickly, though, as he attempts another spinning back kick and narrowly misses. Munhoz body kick now and he is still advancing. O’Malley’s trying to create his openings with feints and patience. He lands two good punches and then separates. Another right hand from O’Malley but then Munhoz fires back a leg kick.

We’re now halfway through the second round. It’s up for grabs as neither fighter has taken control yet. O’Malley starting to land more of his punches now as a jab sneaks through Munhoz’s guard. An eye poke from O’Malley causes a break in the action. Referee Jason Herzog brings in a doctor to look at Munhoz’s eye. The doctor isn’t satisfied. Munhoz is unable to see. Herzog calls the fight off and this one will go down as a ‘no contest.’

Official Result: Fight ends in ‘No Contest’ (unintentional eye poke)

Fighters react to Munhoz vs O’Malley


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