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Randy Brown, holding a professional record of 14-4 (8-4 in the UFC), is simultaneously a veteran while also having a prospect tag affiliated with him. Meanwhile, his opponent, Khaos Williams, holding a professional record of 13-2 (4-1 in the UFC), is a dangerous welterweight with jaw-dropping power.

Both men have faced dangerous talent throughout their UFC duration. Moreover, each possesses a skill-set that affords them the potential to be ranked fighters in the not-so-distant future. For this reason, both men should come into the octagon laser-focused with only one thing on their minds – how to finish their opponent that will correlate to securing ranked fight in their next matchup.

Brown vs. Williams will air on the UFC 274 live stream this Saturday night. Fight fans can order the UFC 274 PPV here to watch every fight live.


Knowing each fighter, albeit differing in style, have the potential to be a ranked welterweight, it comes to no surprise the odds are near pick’em: Khaos is a -120 favorite over Brown.

  • Brown: +100
  • Williams: -120


Brown, as alluded to, is a battle-tested veteran of the sport while somehow being touted as a prospect of the welterweight division. This is ultimately due to him seemingly just now entering his prime as a fighter, as he has displayed a well-rounded arsenal of attacks within his most two recent fights. This arsenal ranges from the ability to win via TKO/KO to winning via submission, which is arguably Brown’s most underappreciated tool in the octagon and one that will be needed to climb the deep welterweight division.

Although the submission game is indeed present for Brown, his best range of attacks is using athletic movement with creative striking to make his opponent somewhat confused in the octagon. This confusion often leaves his opponent stationary, and in doing so, Brown can land a variety of striking attacks at a high percentage. The creativity of strikes – elbows, knees, kicks, and punches – is further expanded when you add in the fact he will switch stances to create the optimal angle of attack. Fellow Body Lock writer, Michael Pounders, has coined Brown’s movement as being Sugar-esque, and this is due to combining athleticism with the ability to switch stances. The issue, and why Brown has not had the same success as Sugar Sean has inside the octagon, is that Brown does not fluidly strike while switching stances. Lacking this trait, which is quite high-level, has afforded his opponent to suddenly blitz Brown at moments within the fight which is a problem when facing an elite power-puncher in Khaos Williams.

As stated, Khaos Williams is a dangerous man for anyone to face. This is due to him having granite stone for fists. Moreover, when he throws his hands he throws in combination and with an understanding of how a body shot can set up a damaging head strike and vice versa.

Often, a blitz attack with his hands is all that is needed for Williams to win the fight, but, he does have underrated aspects to his fight game. Perhaps his best overlooked attack is a damaging leg kick thrown to either the calf and/or body of his opponent. This strike is primarily used at range and is quite successful given his opponent is often focused on defending against his dangerous hands. Lastly, although Khaos has average at best wrestling, he does well in combating submission attempts from his opponent. This attribute will be especially important when facing Brown, given Brown’s length has proved to be an issue on the ground for many fighters.


Although this fight is extremely close on paper, I believe the style of the opponent greatly favors Khaos. The primary reasoning for this is Brown having an affinity for keeping the fight at range, and this distance management may prove to be to his demise when facing Khaos, as he has dangerous long-range calf strikes coupled with the ability to blitz at any moment. Ultimately, I believe Khaos will be the one landing the more damaging blows when compared to Brown, and although Brown’s movement and potential grappling is a potential winning combination, I favor Khaos’ ability to greatly hurt Brown, if not finish the fight.

Bet: Khaos Williams to win

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