UFC 258: Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns play-by-play and results 1

The Body Lock is here to bring you live UFC 258 results and highlights for Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns and all other fights happening tonight at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns play-by-play

Round one

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Gilbert Burns rushes out. Kamaru Usman sticking to the outside. Two leg kicks for Burns early. Burns making Usman fight from outside the black tape. Burns right hand sends Usman over. He stumbles. Burns unloading bombs. Crazy. How is Usman still standing? He’s just taken Burns’ best shots. Right head kick almost connects on Usman. Burns slips and invites Usman to the mat. Usman not passing guard and just kicking the legs of Burns. Patient game from both fighters here as Burns is playing open guard. Usman getting a chance to recover from those heavy shots as Burns lays on his back. Usman landing occasional hard punches to the body of Burns. Forces Burns to consider standing up. Usman kicking the legs of Burns. Knee connects on Usman’s chin. Body kick for Usman. Leg kicks from Burns. This is a great fight. High pace and both guys throwing with extreme power. Another right hand lands for Burns and Usman appeared hurt again for a second. Burns shoots but Usman stuffs. Usman’s chin is holding up. More punches from Burns. Left, right, and Usman hurting.

The Body Lock scores round one for Gilbert Burns (10-9)

Round two

Burns aggressive to start round two. Burns mixing up strikes by going to the legs of Usman. Burns looking strong so far and seemingly packs more power than Usman. Burns has been the one advancing for the majority of the fight and he’s having success walking Usman back. Usman having a hard time pushing Burns back due to the power differential. Usman pumping the jab now and then connects with a clean straight right hand that hurts Burns. Burns now on the back foot. Tide is turning. Usman marching forward. Burns trapped against the cage. Usman confident now  and pressuring Burns for the first time. Burns taking a moment to recover but Usman sticking the jab in his face. Usman’s jab connects clean and drops Burns. They’re back up and it’s all Usman now. Burns slowing down. Shoots for a single-leg and Usman stuffs it. It’s Usman’s fight as we end round two.

The Body Lock scores round two for Kamaru Usman (10-9, 19-19)

Round three

Burns advancing to start round three. Usman right straight sends Burns backward. Usman stands over Burns and lands some more punches. Herb Dean doesn’t know whether to stop it or not. Usman still punching. Dean still circling and unsure if he wants to step in. He eventually does and calls the fight for Usman. That’s a third-round TKO win for the welterweight champion!

Official decision: Kamaru Usman def Gilbert Burns via TKO – R3, 0:34

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