Cris Cyborg of Brazil goes through inspection prior to a fight against Tonya Evinger

Play-by-play updates, live blog, and results for the UFC 240 co-main event fight between Cris Cyborg and Felicia Spencer.

Cyborg returns to action for the first time since losing the UFC Women’s Featherweight Championship to Amanda Nunes in December. That defeat was Cyborg’s first since 2005.

Spencer enters this one after defeating Megan Anderson via rear-naked choke in May. It was a perfect start to her time with the UFC and she improved her record to 7-0 after six initial wins in Invicta FC before transitioning to the promotion.

Read on for our UFC 240 play-by-play updates and results for Cris Cyborg vs. Felicia Spencer.

Cris Cyborg vs. Felicia Spencer play-by-play

Round one

Cyborg closes the distance immediately. Spencer attempts a high kick but she’s within Cyborg’s punching range. Cyborg attempts some heavy punches and makes Spencer back away. Cyborg storms forward and lands an elbow. She’s becoming reckless and now Spencer ties her up against the cage. Cyborg has an overhook on her left side, these moments will likely decide the course of the fight. Cyborg turns and dips Spencer to her knees. Spencer stands and is working with underhooks to try and take Cyborg to the mat. She fails in her attempt and Cyborg separates and unloads more heavy punches. Cyborg has blood dripping from her forehead, appears to be from a strike earlier in the bout. A leg kick lands for Cyborg.

Spencer attempting to close the distance but doesn’t really have the techniques or ability to do so. She goes back to the same dive-in lead elbow that we’ve seen from her in Invicta FC but she bails on the attempt in mid-air. Cyborg now advancing and stinging Spencer with hard shots. She mixes up the punches with a kick to the body this time. Spencer has taken some hard shots but is still standing right in front of Cyborg, she’s going to need to get this fight to the mat sooner than later if she wants any chance of upsetting the former champion. Spencer connects with that same dive-forward lead elbow that we mentioned earlier. That hits Cyborg cleanly and she now pushes Cyborg back to the cage. This is usually Spencer’s world, but she’s not having any success moving Cyborg around. The round ends with Cyborg landing a heavy knee and then backing Spencer to the cage.

A clear Cyborg round that could be scored 10-8. We’re leaning on the more conservative side for this opening round, however.

The Body Lock scores round one for Cris Cyborg: 10-9

Round two

Replays showed that Cyborg’s cut was from one of Spencer’s lead elbow strikes. Cyborg attempts a body kick to start round two and Spencer catches it and pushes her back to the cage. She holds the single-leg but Cyborg’s balance is too good. Spencer is still holding Cyborg. She’s yet to secure a takedown but it’s now – for the first time – starting to seem like it’s only a matter of time before she does. These positions are draining and Cyborg’s been forced to defend the position. for minutes at a time.

Spencer falls to the mat and attempts to pull Cyborg down with her. Cyborg retreats and Spencer kicks her leg and then attempts to land an upkick, but Cyborg answers back with some ground and pound. Cyborg now comes down to the mat. She can’t find a safe entry and decides to stand up. Spencer’s the one moving forward now, but she’s not attempting any strikes. Cyborg does appear to be tiring, the pace has slowed significantly. Cyborg connects with a hard leg kick. She tries another but Spencer counters with a punch to the head. Heavy right hand lands right down the middle for Cyborg. She’s landing the more impactful shots in this round, as well. Hard knee to the body connects for the former champion. She then snaps Spencer’s head back with a straight right.

Spencer’s tough. She’s hanging in there. Cyborg had the most impact in this round, and it’s another clear 10-9 round.

The Body Lock scores round two for Cris Cyborg: 10-9 (now 20-18)

Round three

The pace has slowed dramatically. Makes sense as both fighters started the fight giving it their all. Cyborg lands a clean jab. Spencer goes high with a kick. She now clinches with Cyborg and turns her back to the cage. This is the position where she has been able to control Cyborg, but she hasn’t been able to inflict any damage or secure the takedown. The damage has all been from Cyborg. She’s marching forward now and landing more heavy shots against Spencer. Spencer’s head is being snapped back by the heavy strikes from Cyborg. Now it’s Cyborg with double underhooks. They move back to the middle of the cage. This one seems to be on the way to a decision. Another hard leg kick for Cyborg – they have been great all night long. Spencer is offering nothing when they’re standing up in the middle of the cage. Cyborg advancing now, and Spencer looks for another elbow to the head but misses. Cyborg now trying to work behind the jab. She lands some hard punches to the head of Spencer and then works the body. She’s walking forward and punishing Spencer now. That’s the horn and the fight is over.

A tough showing by Felicia Spencer, but this fight was all Cris Cyborg. Cyborg finishes with another strong round. Again, no arguments here for a 10-8 round but we’re leaning 10-9. Spencer took Cyborg’s shots really well.

The Body Lock scores round three for Cris Cyborg: 10-9 (now 30-27)

Official Result: Cris Cyborg def. Felicia Spencer via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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