UFC 238 Live Updates: Tony Ferguson vs. Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone 1

Here is The Body Lock’s live play-by-play for the lightweight clash between Tony Ferguson and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone at UFC 238.

Ferguson looks to extend his 11-fight winning streak and earn a shot at the lightweight title by defeating Cerrone. “Cowboy” is on a three-fight winning streak of his own and is also in reach of a fight against the winner of Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Dustin Poirier if he can manage a win here at UFC 238.

Read our live UFC 238 updates for Tony Ferguson vs. Donald Cerrone below:

Round one:

They touch gloves and Cerrone opens up with an inside leg kick. Ferguson switching stances and throws out the jab. They crash hard punches into each other. Cerrone using the jab to keep Ferguson away. Ferguson leg kick but Cerrone boxing him quite well so far. Ferguson leads with a left hook but Cerrone counters with a left of his own. Both fighters typically start slow and this is no different. Ferguson trying to attack the body with kicks. Cerrone advances and hits Ferguson with some straight punches. Ferguson’s chin is high and Cerrone is landing clean. Ferguson outside leg kick and Cerrone answers with an inside kick. Cerrone walks forward and throws punches, Ferguson ducks under and returns a punch of his own. More of a boxing match than anything else right now. Ferguson putting pressure on Cerrone now, not allowing Cerrone to take a breath. Cerrone looks great, however, and is landing solid clean punches as Ferguson comes forward. Ferguson attempts a spinning back fist but misses. Cerrone body kick and they tie up for a second before Ferguson breaks free. The fight looks a little strange considering both fighters aren’t excellent boxers, but are opting to stand and punch more than anything else. Cerrone lands a nice left hand and comes forward again at the end of the round. They touch gloves at the end of the round and the crowd rises to their feet.

Round two:

Ferguson marches forward and walks Cerrone back. Ferguson lands a stiff jab early in the round. Now stabbing Cerrone’s body with front kicks. Ferguson trying to let go of greater combinations now but falling short on occasion. Cerrone ties Ferguson up again but misses with an elbow. Ferguson starting to warm up and landing more significant strikes now. Cerrone still there and answering when it matters, though.

Ferguson still backing Cerrone up as the round progresses. Cerrone connects with a nice inside leg kick but struggling to slow Ferguson down. As the round progressed, Ferguson went from slow and steady to his typical flow-state and salsa-esque movement. Ferguson landed a shot that came after the siren sounded to end round two.

End of round two:

The doctors are called in to check Donald Cerrone at the start of round three. His eye is badly swollen and blown up.

Cerrone blew his nose before the start of round three and it blew up his eye and face. The swelling is out of control and Cerrone can’t see out of his right eye.

The fight is called off.

Result: Tony Ferguson wins via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) – Round 2, 5:00

After the fight, Donald Cerrone said to Joe Rogan: “The punch had nothing to do with it. Man, I just wanted to keep fighting. I could not finish the fight, I apologize.”

Tony Ferguson told Joe Rogan: “It’s not how I wanted the fight to go. I don’t like to win that way. If we run it back I don’t mind doing that. He’s a hell of a fighter. I don’t want to win like that. I’m a better fighter than that. I don’t give a f*** who’s next. I’m pissed at myself.”

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