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As the UFC 295 hype train gathers steam, Tom Aspinall is making it clear that he’s not just another heavyweight slugger looking for a quick knockout. The British fighter is preparing to step into the Octagon with a game plan that relies on finesse as much as firepower.

Aspinall, who boasts the quickest fight time average in the UFC’s heavyweight division, is set to face off against Sergei Pavlovich. But no matter who it is who stands across from him in the cage, Aspinall’s strategy is to fight smart, not just hard.

“This one’s going to be a banger, man,” Aspinall said in a recent interview with FOX Sports Australia. His confidence is palpable, but it’s not rooted in arrogance—it’s grounded in a deep-seated belief in his own skill set.

The heavyweight division has long been the home of the UFC’s most fearsome knockout artists. It’s a place where fights can end in a split second, with one well-placed punch. But Aspinall is looking to shake things up. “I’m not trying to have a shootout with anybody,” he declared. “I’m trying to use my skill and my brains to win this fight.” It’s a refreshing take in a weight class often criticized for being one-dimensional.

Aspinall’s approach is a testament to his martial arts background, having trained since he was eight years old. His philosophy is to detach emotionally from the fight and treat it purely as a sport. This cerebral approach could be the key to unlocking the heavyweight division’s door for him.

For fans eager to see if Aspinall’s strategy pays off, UFC 295 is a must-watch event. The best place to catch all the action is on ESPN+. By ordering the pay-per-view on ESPN+, fans won’t miss a moment of the heavyweight drama.

Aspinall’s tactical mindset could be a game-changer in a division that’s been dominated by the narrative of power above all else. His emphasis on speed and technique, coupled with his impressive fight IQ, makes him a formidable opponent for anyone in the heavyweight ranks.

As UFC 295 approaches, the anticipation builds. Will Aspinall’s smart fighting be the new blueprint for heavyweight success? There’s only one way to find out. Grab your spot on the couch, order the PPV on ESPN+, and witness the evolution of the heavyweight fighter as Tom Aspinall brings his unique blend of brains and brawn to the Octagon.

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