Tom Aspinall speaking with Michael Bisping (ESPN MMA)

As the UFC 295 heavyweight title fight looms, Tom Aspinall isn’t just looking for a win; he’s looking for a future “test” against one of the sport’s all-time greats, Jon Jones.

In an interview with Michael Bisping, Aspinall shared his vision for the future, one that includes not only securing the heavyweight belt but also stepping into the Octagon with Jon Jones.

“I would love to fight Jon Jones,” Aspinall stated, his respect for the former light heavyweight champion clear. “I want to test myself against that before this is all said and done. I would love to fight Jon Jones 100%.”

Aspinall’s confidence is sky-high as he approaches what could be the defining moment of his career at UFC 295 when he takes on Sergei Pavlovich. “I feel like I’m going to be heavyweight champion of the world… I honestly think so. I honestly believe it,” he declared.

His philosophy in the Octagon is as much about movement and finesse as it is about power, a trait not often highlighted in the heavyweight division. “I move unlike any other heavyweight… I do things completely different, completely unconventional to anyone else in the heavyweight division,” Aspinall explained. This unique approach could be what sets him apart and what he believes will lead him to victory.

The British fighter’s aspirations go beyond just winning titles; he’s aiming for a legacy. “Do I think I’ll be one of the best heavyweights ever? Absolutely. Why else would I be doing it?” Aspinall said, his sights set on greatness.

Aspinall’s potential future bout with Jon Jones is more than just a fight; it’s a chance to measure himself against a fighter he respects immensely. “No disrespect for Jon Jones, I’m such a fan… the reason I want to fight him so much is because I am such a fan and he’s one of the best ever,” he admitted.

As UFC 295 approaches, Aspinall’s message is clear: he’s here to win, and he’s ready for whatever comes next. “I’m here to win and nothing else… I’m not going to show up to a fight… if I don’t think I’m going to win,” he stated firmly.

With his eyes firmly set on the prize and a potential “test” against Jon Jones in the future, Tom Aspinall is a fighter on a mission. UFC 295 could be just the beginning of a new chapter in heavyweight MMA history.

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