Colby Covington after winning a UFC fight

In the world of mixed martial arts, opinions often diverge, especially when it comes to title shots.

However, former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker has thrown his support behind Colby Covington’s upcoming title challenge at UFC 296, calling it “as justified as it gets.”

Robert Whittaker’s endorsement comes amidst some skepticism, notably from current welterweight champion Leon Edwards, who has expressed confusion over Covington’s opportunity.

Speaking in a Fox Sports interview, Whittaker highlighted Covington’s track record and presence in the division as key factors in legitimizing his title shot.

“With the profile he’s got behind him, with the way he has beaten a lot of real high-caliber dudes, with just the presence he brings into the division, I think it’s a good fight for Leon,” Whittaker stated.

The Australian fighter, known for his analytical approach to the sport, also praised Covington’s relentless pace and wrestling prowess.

“Colby’s gas tank, it’s unreal. To be able to throw seven punches, 10 punches, and then shoot and then come back up and do it again and do it again, it was unbelievable to watch,” Whittaker remarked, acknowledging the American’s unique fighting style.

Despite Covington’s divisive persona outside the Octagon, Whittaker’s focus remained on his in-cage abilities. He pointed out that Covington’s style could pose a significant challenge to Edwards, especially given Covington’s history of maintaining high pressure and volume in his fights.

However, Whittaker also recognized Edwards’ recent performances, particularly his victory over Kamaru Usman, as evidence of the British fighter’s evolving skill set.

“The way Leon beat Usman last fight, that was unbelievable,” Whittaker noted, suggesting that Edwards has the tools to counter Covington’s approach.

As UFC 296 approaches, the debate over Covington’s title shot continues. Yet, with Robert Whittaker validating the matchup, it adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

Covington’s chance at the title may be contentious for some, but for others, like Whittaker, it’s a well-earned opportunity.

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