Neil Magny

As the anticipation builds in Jacksonville, a thrilling welterweight showdown looms on the horizon to cap off the prelims. Philip Rowe, a rising star with an impressive win streak, prepares to step into the Octagon against the seasoned contender, Neil Magny.

Both fighters possess remarkable grappling skills, albeit with different focal points, with Rowe showcasing an excellent aptitude for BJJ both in and out of the cage, and Magny displaying some of the best clinch-work and cage wrestling of his division. Rowe is looking to maintain his momentum and extend his winning streak, while Magny aims to defend his position and prove he still possesses the skills that have made him a longtime name in the division.

This matchup is undoubtedly the sternest test for Rowe since his breakthrough in the Contender Series back in 2019, and a victory over the esteemed Neil Magny would undoubtedly solidify his status as a true contender in one of the most prestigious divisions in the sport.

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Betting Odds

Likely due to the depth of his experience in the UFC, Magny comes out as a slight favorite.

  • Neil Magny: -170 (BetUS)
  • Philip Rowe: +145 (BetUS)

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Fight Breakdown

Philip Rowe has been on a tear in the welterweight division since his impressive performance in the Contender Series, knocking out his last three opponents in wildly entertaining bouts. With a string of notable victories under his belt, Rowe has exhibited exceptional grappling skills that have left opponents grappling for answers, with an interesting striking style that compliments his long frame. He’s comfortable both on the ground and on his feet, using his lanky frame to land solid one-twos and dominate his opponents in the clinch. He’s also fairly tested when it comes to his gas tank, staying relatively fresh and dangerous in the final round without exposing too many holes in his defense.

On the other side of the cage stands Neil Magny, a well-respected name in the welterweight division. Throughout his career, Magny has faced a who’s who of top-ranked opponents, earning a reputation as a gritty and relentless fighter who could go the distance with some of the best. Much more conserved in his striking than Rowe, Magny looks to counter his opponents and pressure them to the fence, where he can grind them out and look to find top position. His striking isn’t the most stellar, but he’s proven that he could seriously crack his opponents and change the pace of the fight. Like Rowe, he’s used his long frame to the best of his advantage throughout his career as he’s developed an aptitude for forcing his opponents to carry his weight.

Prediction and Betting Guide

In what promises to be a close fight, Rowe’s skill set and momentum could prove to be more favorable. While Magny’s experience and tenacity can’t be underestimated, Rowe’s recent run of dominant performances and his impressive grappling skills suggest that he may have the edge in this clash of styles.

This is largely due to the fact that he seems much less reliant on a reach and height advantage, which will be near dead even going into this bout, a rarity for both fighters. Rowe’s ability to seamlessly transition between striking and grappling, coupled with his knack for finishing fights, gives him the tools to dictate the pace and control the action.

Magny’s formidable clinch work and cage wrestling may pose challenges, but Rowe’s adaptability and hunger for victory make him a solid underdog in this exciting fight. He’s not nearly as decorated of a grappler as someone like Gilbert Burns, but at +600 odds he’s a profitable and very possible pick.

Bet: Rowe to win (+145) or Rowe by Submission (+600)

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