Holly Holm reacts at the end of her featherweight bout against Megan Anderson of Australia

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  1. The writer does an excellent staging & in depth performance of conveying an almost murder mystery like narrative to the inquisitive fight fan, well versed or amateur like myself! A masterful job of introducing the two key players full resumes to the world! The full arsenal on display of long ago up and comer, taking the game and world by storm! The reputation created via world class striker/boxer skills early on in Miss Holms fabled career! The rise up the ranks to legendary status, a tasmanian devil….mirroring the likes of another great champion in Iron Mike T! Setting the stage, almost reminiscent in comparison to the great Rocky Balboa in the Philadelphia Spectrum of many decades ago! There’s a reason she is a walking legend and long ago Hall of Fame inductee! Everyone, including A great champion in her own right, the incomparable RR Rhonda Rousey can attest to one forgettable night down under….the drop kick felt and heard around the world! Holly H had achieved iconic status & instant fame….that will be remembered long after the champ rides off into the sunset! Like sands through the hour glass, so are our days numbered! It’s been many since that late great night with destiny for Miss Holms! There are always younger & hungrier fighters who also dream of achieving greatness & fame! As we turn the page to those very younger and driven fighters….a new era is upon us! A top 5 in the world of the new era fighters is upon us! A young brass submission expert in Miss Bueno Silva! A submission specialist turned Striker, displayed for all to witness & acknowledge with great respect over her last few fights! And now, just like that who done it moment, characterized & symbolic in all murder mystery plots! A real come to life who done it, portrayed and carried out for all the world to finally live! So many questions will be answered! The inquiring minds can’t wait! The once proud champion, remembered for her incomparable striker punching prowress & one time devastating KO of the great Rhonda Rousey….but 7 years have passed, since “da preachers daughter” laid claim to fame! So long ago, that many fight fans….along with a chameleon herself in Bueno Silva…..question the legitimacy and existence of this one time supposed Savant of Strikers……who has showcased lill in striker force capability as of late but has undoubtedly mastered the world of dance moves, such as the Texas two step & tango….as all fight fanatics can attest to! And what about that chameleon in Bueno Silva……the submission specialist of years gone by….but over just a few recent fights, it appears has either forgotten what the word submission even means, or has taken a page right of the “da preachers daughters” book & believes that she is the new queen of Striker Extraordinaire! The conclusion of one of the most intriguing murder mystery novels ever written, is about to be unveiled…..as mystery sleuths await the suspenseful & thrilling answer of just exactly who done it! Stay tuned, is it gonna be “da preachers daughter” from earlier chapters, the chameleon, the new savant of striker queens…..or or or just maybe…..the often overlooked & forgotten Exotic Dancer!!!!

    Reno ~ Nevada