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Perennial lightweight talents Jared Gordon and Bobby Green are set to fight this weekend, with both men looking to bounce back from recent setbacks and make a statement in the octagon. Gordon, who’s coming off of a controversial decision loss to rising star Paddy Pimblett, is looking to re-establish himself in the ever-competitive 155 lb division, while Green, who suffered a brutal knockout defeat at the hands of Drew Dober, will be eager to redeem himself and prove that he still has what it takes to compete at the highest level of the UFC. Expect a technically skilled and strategic fight, as both athletes aim to make a statement and secure a crucial victory for their careers.

Betting Odds

Despite coming off of a devastating knockout, Bobby Green comes in as a solid betting favorite.

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Fight Breakdown

Although Gordon put forward a solid performance in his last bout, Bobby Green is likely a favorite due to his stylistic advantage. Gordon’s forward pressure and grindy style favors Green, who uses his elusiveness to throw off takedown attempts and counter looping shots with his sharp boxing. Green will likely look to do what he’s best at, pop off his jab and find unpredictable combinations inside the pocket.

Once the fight gets taken to the cage, however, Gordon has a massive advantage. He uses his stocky frame to glue his opponents to the fence, only letting off to release massive power shots. Green has shown himself to be vulnerable here, as his last knockout loss was largely the result of Drew Dober cutting off his movement with the fence to nail Green with a brutal left hand.

In terms of grappling, Gordon has a significant advantage. His pressuring style allows him to find his opponent’s hips with relative ease, scoring him numerous takedowns in his fights. Once he gets his opponents to the ground, Gordon’s exceptional top control and submission skills make him a dangerous threat. He has a traditional punch and pass style, however his frame allows him to put massive weight and pressure on his opponents. He often finds his opponent’s back and uses the position to wear them out and steal rounds.

Green is a capable grappler as well. He’s very scrappy and unorthodox off of his back and has shown himself to have extremely effective reversals and get-ups. He’s also dangerous in the clinch, throwing flurries of elbows and knees, as well as hooks to break off into his combinations. Gordon could be at a significant risk if he attempts to take Green down or pressure him against the fence.

Prediction and Betting Guide

This is a tough one to pick because it’s anyone’s fight if it goes three rounds. Green could win a decision by just picking Gordon apart and beating him to the punch for 15 minutes but Gordon could steal an entire round with one solid clinch exchange. They both have tested chins and solid gas tanks so it’s fairly likely that the fight will go the distance. However, if one fighter were to score a finish, my money’s on Green. Gordon’s lack of head movement and defensive responsibility will likely play well into Green’s favor, which could become detrimental as the fight goes on. For that, I’m going to say Green by decision, solely because the volume of his strikes are bound to change the fight one way or another. I’d be light on the finish because of Gordon’s toughness, but there’s always a possibility for a knockout with Bobby Green.

Bet: Green by Decision (-110) or Green by KO/TKO (+350)

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