UFC 280 Odds: Muhammad Mokaev opens as an immense betting favorite over Malcolm Gordon 1

Oddsmakers are backing Muhammad Mokaev as he continues his undefeated streak into the UFC.

Following a period as the IMMAF world champion in amateur MMA, and a flawless record in Brave CF and Celtic Gladiator, Muhammad Mokaev has entered the UFC and is on a two-fight win streak. His next bout will be the toughest yet, against a man with twice the UFC experience in Malcolm Gordon, also on a winning streak.

As one of the most promising young prospects to enter the promotion in 2022, Mokaev has a ton of hype on his shoulders. But with hype comes pressure to deliver, and it would seem that oddsmakers believe Mokaev is capable of doing so. The two opened up on betting lines with Mokaev the favorite at -700 to Gordon’s +500. According to Fanduel, the current odds for the fight stand at -720 for Mokaev and +520 for Gordon.

This means that those bold enough to put $100 on the underdog Gordon may receive $520 in profit for their risk. It will, on the other hand, require $720 for the safer bet to win $100 on Mokaev.

Mokaev, of course, remains undefeated in mixed martial arts, with a mauling style signature of eastern European grapplers. Gordon looks to be the first man to halt his progress, and for the Canadian, it will take all of his skills and experience to attempt to do so.

Here are the opening odds for the pair’s last four fights:

Muhammad Mokaev’s last four fights

  • vs. Charles Johnson (W): -490
  • vs. Cody Durden (W): -180
  • vs. Blaine O’Driscoll (W): -260
  • vs. Ibragim Navruzov (W): -800

Malcolm Gordon’s last four fights

  • vs. Denys Bonder (W): +190
  • vs. Fancisco Figueredo (W): +195
  • vs. Su Mudaerji (L): +150
  • vs. Amir Albazi (L): +115

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