UFC fighter Cain Velasquez poses for a portrait during his media day workout at American Kickboxing Academy to promote his October 19, title fight with Junior dos Santos on October 10, 2013

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  1. UFC allows shots to the back of the head. Look at any fight where someone is getting finished while on they are on their hands and knees covering up their face. Shots to the back of the head are always a part of the finishing barrage. Look at the finish of Jones vs Gustafson, Jones vs Cormier, blatant shots to the back of the head. Every fight that ends in that manner shots to the back of the head seem to be allowed ref doesn’t do anything about it.

  2. Listen chum, Cain’s warm up video the day before clearly shows his knee was jacked before he even stepped in the cage. It buckled then, in front of several hundred fans. He decided to fight for the paycheck. I cannot argue with the man, he wanted to feed his family. But the fight was lost even before it started. Let’s just tell the truth.