Valentina Shevchenko of Kyrgyzstan waits to be introduced before her fight against Julianna Pena

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  1. Why people keep talking about Valentina being bigger than Joanna? Valentina was 123 pounds and Joanna 123 3/4, Valentina is 5′ 5”, Joanna 5′ 6”. Are you paying any attention to facts and stats?

  2. Just to elaborate on what RUBEN stated about the size difference between JJ and Val. The walk around weight is higher for JJ than Val. Val has repeatedly stated, she eats full meals everyday up to the night before weigh ins (at bantamweight) and is never over 136 to 135 lbs in her walk around. She doesn’t eat the night before and usually weights in at 133 to 134.5 lbs. Now, she made adjustments to get to flyweight and was walking around at 130 lbs but still eating very well. JJ has stated when Nunes drop that fight to Val, that she was at 137 lbs and was a few days before September 9, 2017 fight date. JJ had a fight plan with Rose November 4, 2017 (almost 2 months). JJ was in the beginning of her camp. They basicly weight the same but Val has more muscle because of her style of training. They both fought at 125 lbs in muay thai but Val choice to move up to fight the bigger stronger women. She didn’t increase her weight and wasn’t cutting any weight…just higher skilled. In my opinion, Valentina is physically stronger, faster and quicker in striking. You see the quickness in the counter striking and combinations that over whelm JJ. In muay thai, Val did the same movements from hip toss to foot sweep, reaps or trips as people call them differently from wrestling, judo, muay thai. Why wouldn’t JJ already know that Val would use these techniques…she defeated JJ using the same maneuvers in 3 defeats in muay thai. In muay thai, these skills are effective but the referee stands the fighters back up. In mma, they are much more useful and helps the better skill fighter to dominate their opponent on the mat. Val was just better everywhere the fight went!