Jon Jones defeats Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 and becomes the new UFC heavyweight champion (Zuffa LLC)

Mixed martial arts fans often wonder what happens when champions from different disciplines collide in training. Recently, Gordon Ryan, a grappling ace, shared his experience training with Jon Jones, a name synonymous with greatness in the UFC.

Speaking at the UFC Fight Pass Invitational post-event press conference, Ryan couldn’t hide his admiration for Jones.

“With Jon, he’s very similar to GSP (George St. Pierre) in that he’s not the best in any one area, but the way he combines everything is just on another level,” Ryan remarked.

Ryan’s insights provide a unique perspective into Jones’s approach to martial arts. “Even just grappling, his ability to intuitively change his game plan is incredibly impressive,” Ryan continued. This adaptability, according to Ryan, is what sets Jones apart.

Jon Jones defeats Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 and becomes the new UFC heavyweight champion (Zuffa LLC)
Jon Jones defeats Ciryl Gane at UFC 285 and becomes the new UFC heavyweight champion (Zuffa LLC)

Jones’s versatility is a well-known factor in his success, but hearing it from a grappling expert like Ryan adds another layer of appreciation. “The most impressive thing is his ability to put everything together and adapt as the match goes on,” Ryan added, highlighting Jones’s strategic acumen.

Ryan’s respect extends beyond Jones’s technical skills. “I was very impressed with him as a person and an athlete all around,” he said, noting the surprise that comes when training with athletes from other sports.

This encounter comes at a time when discussions about Jones’s status in the UFC are rampant. Recently, debates have emerged about whether Jones should retain his heavyweight title, following an injury that led to the cancellation of his fight against Stipe Miocic.

While opinions differ, with figures like Daniel Cormier suggesting Jones should vacate the title, and Anthony Smith defending Jones’s legitimacy, Ryan’s comments shine a light on Jones’s undeniable skill and adaptability.

In the world of combat sports, where skills and strategies constantly evolve, the ability to adapt and integrate various techniques is priceless. Ryan’s experience with Jones reaffirms this, underscoring the unique talent and versatility Jones brings to the table.

It seems that whether it’s in the octagon or on the mats, Jon Jones’s approach to martial arts remains a subject of both study and admiration.

As Ryan puts it, “You don’t know what to expect when training with athletes from other sports, but Jones’s wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and quick learning are top-notch.”

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