Glover Teixeira (R) of Brazil throws a punch against Jared Cannonier (L) of United Statesin their light heavyweight bout during UFC 208

One of the constants in the sport of mixed martial arts is the ever-lasting debate about who the greatest fighter of all time is.

Leading up to UFC 241 last month, former heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier believed he had a claim to that title. He also notably claimed anyone with a failed drug test, such as Jon Jones or Anderson Silva, are automatically out of the debate.

So what does Glover Texeira think about it, having notably fought Jones in a losing effort?

“Yeah, I don’t know. Jon Jones beat DC two times,” Teixeira told The Body Lock’s John Hyon Ko. “It’s hard to compare. You can’t compare them, he [Cormier] lost two times. DC’s a great fighter but Jon Jones is, I don’t know the greatest of all time because you look at the lighter weight guys like BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Georges St-Pierre.”

Teixeira acknowledges the GOAT debate will likely continue for a while. He also noticed fans tend to forget the older fighters when it comes to these discussions. As for himself? He believes former two-weight champion Georges St-Pierre holds that title.

However, he also regards Jones as the GOAT when it comes to light heavyweight.

“The reality is like always people are going to debate about who the greatest of all time,” he explained. “They always compare to the new guys. They forget the old guys, the old fighters like Georges St-Pierre was the greatest of all time when he was the champion. BJ Penn was the greatest of all time.

“Later on, they start losing. I mean, Georges St-Pierre didn’t lose. He came back and beat [Michael] Bisping and in my opinion, I think Georges St-Pierre is the greatest fighter of all time. Heavyweight division, I believe Cain Velasquez is the greatest of all time. And light heavyweight, you got to give it to Jon Jones.”

Teixeira returns to the Octagon when he faces Nikita Krylov at UFC Vancouver later this month. You can hear his thoughts on that matchup as well as many other topics below:

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