Georges St-Pierre wins the UFC Middleweight Championship (Zuffa LLC)

MMA legend Georges St-Pierre has addressed the swirling rumors about his potential involvement in Dana White’s teased UFC “super fight.”

Fans have been speculating wildly since Dana White, the UFC President, hinted at a monumental bout for the UFC’s 300th pay-per-view event. However, St-Pierre has definitively quashed these rumors.

St-Pierre, speaking candidly about his current state and future plans, made it clear that he has no intention of returning to the cage for a professional fight. “I always told myself that I would not fight in a cage after the age of 40,” he stated in a recent press conference, emphasizing his commitment to his health and legacy over a return to competitive MMA. This comes as a significant clarification amidst the buzz surrounding the UFC’s upcoming event.

The former welterweight and middleweight champion, now 42, expressed concerns about the physical toll of high-level competition, especially considering his recent shoulder injury. “I partially tore my labrum, my subscap, and my rotator cuff,” he revealed, highlighting the risks associated with returning to intense training and competition at his age.

St-Pierre also touched on the broader issue of athletes retiring too late, potentially tarnishing both their legacies and health. His decision to step away from professional fighting aligns with this philosophy, as he seeks to preserve what he has achieved in his illustrious career.

While he ruled out a return to the octagon, St-Pierre didn’t close the door on competing in other combat sports events, albeit not at the professional level he once dominated. His love for martial arts and staying in shape remains undiminished, but he is clear about not preparing for any fight.

As for the UFC’s “super fight,” St-Pierre shared his excitement as a fan, mentioning fighters like Jon Jones, Kamaru Usman, and Conor McGregor as potential participants he’d be interested in watching. His enthusiasm for the sport is evident, even if he won’t be part of this historic event.

Georges St-Pierre remains a figure of immense respect in the MMA world, not just for his achievements inside the cage but also for his wise approach to life after fighting. While he won’t be part of the UFC’s “super fight,” his insights and perspectives continue to enrich the world of combat sports.

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