Ian Garry wears Geoff Neal mugshot shirt

Geoff Neal has called Ian Garry’s controversial mugshot shirt sales “low class” and “poor taste.”

Speaking with Ariel Helwani, UFC welterweight Geoff Neal discussed his upcoming fight with Ian Garry at UFC 299, his thoughts on Garry’s controversial mugshot shirt, and his own journey back to the octagon.

Neal, who last fought in March, expressed his eagerness to face Garry, especially after their initial bout at UFC 292 fell through due to Neal’s health issues.

“Hell yeah, let’s run it back,” Neal said, recalling his reaction to the offer to fight Garry again. He hinted at some frustration with Garry’s previous comments, noting, “He was talking about, ‘Oh well, I already beat him so I don’t have to fight him.’ Weird, but I’m glad we got a chance [to] run it back now.”

The welterweight veteran also delved into the controversy surrounding Garry’s decision to sell t-shirts featuring Neal’s mugshot.

Neal described the move as “low class,” stating, “It was just low class. I’m not too bent out of shape about it… I’m just gonna punch him in the face when I see him.” He emphasized that while he wasn’t overly upset, he found the act to be in “poor taste.”

Neal’s last year has been challenging, marked by health issues and a DUI arrest, which he candidly discussed. He shared the difficulties of dealing with a breathalyzer in his car, a consequence of his DUI. “I drank and I drove, and this [is] the shit I got to do,” he remarked, reflecting on his mistake.

Looking ahead to UFC 299, Neal is confident about his chances against Garry. “I feel like I could take him out in the second round,” he predicted, acknowledging Garry’s unique style but expressing confidence in his ability to adapt and overcome.

Neal’s focus remains on climbing the welterweight ranks, with aspirations of title contention by the end of next year. He respects the division’s talent, including Belal Muhammad, who he’s defeated in the past, and current champion Leon Edwards. However, Neal believes he has what it takes to compete with the best, stating, “I feel like I beat both of those dudes.”

As the MMA world anticipates this clash at UFC 299, Neal’s determination and resilience shine through. His journey back to the cage, coupled with his straightforward take on the sport’s evolving nature, sets the stage for an intriguing matchup against the rising star, Ian Garry.

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