Dustin Poirier strikes Max Holloway at UFC 236

Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway backed up the incredible UFC 236 co-main event with a brilliant fight of their own.

In the end, Poirier came out on top and won a unanimous decision (49-46, 49-49, 49-46).

Here you can find all the top video highlights from Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier as provided by the official UFC Twitter account. You can also read our play-by-play analysis below the highlights.

Max Holloway vs. Dustin Poirier play-by-play

Round one

Poirier starts by landing a nice leg kick on Holloway. Poirier lands another low calf kick. Holloway advances and targets the head and body with his punches. Poirier cracks Holloway with a brilliant left hand. He rushes forward and attempts to hurt Holloway again but Holloway counters. They reset. Poirier comes out looking worse. Poirier shifts forward and lands a big right hand. He unloads about 20 punches on Holloway but he comes away unscathed. Poirier still tagging Holloway but Holloway is still standing. He’s standing right in front of Poirier and taking all of Poirier’s best shots. Holloway is in heaps of trouble. Poirier steps back and takes a deep breath. Now it’s Holloway moving forward. He cracks Poirier but then stays in the pocket for too long and takes some shots in return. Holloway is on the receiving end of way too many strikes. Holloway hasn’t evaded many of Poirier’s strikes at all. Poirier’s speed, timing, and accuracy seem to be too much for the featherweight champion.

Comfortable round to score for Poirier but Holloway remains dangerous.

Round two

The pace slows a little in round two after both fighters went berserk in the first round. Both fighters are landing their shots now but we feel that this is allowing Holloway to regain his composure and settle into the fight. Holloway now leading the striking exchanges and feinting to open up offensive opportunities. Poirier now not countering nearly as often. Holloway’s starting to step it up toward the end of the second round. Poirier lands some decent shots as Holloway comes forward and then starts to walk Holloway back to the cage. He lands several hooks and gets the classic look from Max Holloway that asks ‘is that all you got?’ Poirier was on the losing end of the first half of the second round but managed to step it up in the end and get that one back.

Round three

Poirier now starting to work the body in round three. Holloway trying to get his jab going. Straight punches are being deflected by Poirier’s forearms. He’s keeping them high to stop Holloway from establishing the jab and straight. Poirier lands two big strikes, a straight left hand followed by a stiff jab. Holloway gets going now and lands some good strikes but Poirier has the answers. Both fighters are still landing heavy shots. Poirier is landing with more impact and marking up the face of Holloway now. Holloway really turning up the volume with less than a minute remaining. About 20 unanswered punches that are mostly deflected and then ends up with his back to the cage with Poirier attempting a takedown. Poirier’s head is on Holloway’s hip and Holloway rams some elbows into the side of his head.

That’s Holloway’s first round.

Round four

Holloway moves forward and Poirier level changes and gets his first takedown of the fight. Holloway pushes the head down and has his back against the cage. He returns to his feet and turns Poirier around before hitting him with a knee to the body. Holloway tagging Poirier with combinations now but Poirier still landing the heavier shots. Poirier now the one coming forward and he is starting to land more punches. Holloway solid hooks to the body of Poirier. He’s clearly going after the body of Poirier to slow him down. Poirier starts to look impacted by body shots and is showing signs of fatigue. Still very much in this, though. A knee by Poirier busted Holloway’s face up badly. There’s now lots of blood on Holloway’s face. Poirier shoots and Holloway’s back is now against the cage. Stalemate and that’s the end of the round.

Close round. We give the edge to Holloway who controlled the opening minutes of the bout. Got it tied before the final round.

Round five

Nice jab by Holloway lands first. Left jab and right cross working well for Holloway now. Poirier trying to time his counter punches. Poirier still packing power in his counter left hand but just missing Holloway’s head. Poirier missing with his strikes and Holloway landing but not with much impact. Competitive last round. Holloway throwing more strikes. Walks forward and engages the clinch with Poirier. Poirier turns him and gets him against the cage again. Nothing has happened from this position throughout the fight. Poirier hanging on and Holloway unable to break the grip. Holloway points to the ground and they trade hooks to finish the fight. Crazy. Incredible fight.

Dustin Poirier def. Max Holloway via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-49, 49-46)

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